Looking for friends who don't eat "clean" and healthy



  • Verity1111
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    Right here! Stayed under my calorie goal the past few days even though my diary has included items such as pizza, Doritos, and reeses puffs. I generally do try to eat healthy but sometimes pizza happens. Plus husband has been home and that makes dieting so much harder for me

    I find it more difficult when my boyfriend is home too
  • fitoverfortymom
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    Taco salad and beer for the super bowl.
  • racergirl1991
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    Hot wings...tater tots and nachos! Yummy
  • LAMCDylan
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    Really? People give you *kitten* for what YOU eat?? It always amazes me how adults are so invested in other adults' lives. No wonder a lot of people are miserable.
  • SarahMacphail1
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    Not a clean eater here. I try to eat well most of the time but if I want an occasional piece of cake or a McDonalds or whatever then I'll have it. Most things can be worked into my calorie goal so why not? I find it stops me taking a flying leap off the wagon and having a good old binge.
  • ladyreva78
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    LAMCDylan wrote: »
    Really? People give you *kitten* for what YOU eat?? It always amazes me how adults are so invested in other adults' lives. No wonder a lot of people are miserable.

    Sadly all too true. I have one colleague at work giving me grief for my food. You'd think he has nothing better to do than policing my intake... :eye_roll:
  • Karie2017
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    I don't eat perfect. I eat whatever I want as long as I don't go over my calorie deficit. I love all food so I eat healthy food and junk food lol.
  • Verity1111
    Verity1111 Posts: 3,314 Member
    More processed stuff today ! Lol. My morning monster today was Mad Dog Punch (purple/grape) :P with a light english muffin with gardein sausage (vegetarian) and jalapeno white cheddar om nom over 500 calories for breakfast. Later wonderslim low calorie veg. chili with ghost pepper cheese sauce and then vermont white cheddar macaroni with broccoli (Microwaveable! Eatingwell brand) and last night I had a medifast brownie with dandies vegan mini marshmallows and it was really good!
  • amw5471
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    I try to balance my junk food with my clean food. I definitely am not healthy 100% of the time, probably more like 50%! This week my prepped meals are pretty clean but please see what I had yesterday for superbowl sunday ;)
  • twinsmake3
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    I just polished off 7 cookies and a coffee for lunch. Had a ridiculous sugar craving :/ Oh well, it's been satiated now, so will be sure to have a better dinner lol
  • dustedwithsugar
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    I'm a veggie trying to be healthy (because I like volume of the food) but if I crave something I'll eat it without second thoughts
  • mbeuchert24
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    OK...so I disappeared off MFP for a few weeks...this is still my place :smiley: , today is day 1 again, still not eating clean...I just ate two Reese's Hearts...but I'm back to eating at a deficit. Only made to page 16 LOL, maybe I'll go back and start reading another time.
  • lightenup2016
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    thinalini wrote: »
    Yes to this whole post.
    Except I like the fiber one bars, i chop them up and put them in greek yogurt.
    Friend me, as long as it fits my calories I'll eat it. And if it doesn't fit I'll fiddle with amounts of other foods until I can...

    Yes, me too!!
  • lightenup2016
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    SueSueDio wrote: »
    I make pizzas on a tortilla base too! :)

    Chocolate-chip hot cross bun for a snack this afternoon... delish!

    I just made tortilla pizzas for lunch today! Love them, and they don't break the calorie bank!
  • Midnight100965
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    I eat the same food I always did... some good some bad...lol... but I eat better proportions...and try to space out the really bad ones less often.... Figure I may as well eat the stuff I love and learn to eat the right amounts... It's the only way the weight will stay off. If I start eating a bunch of stuff I don't normally eat to lose weight... Ill just gain it all back...