Need motivation and new friends!!

hello everyone. Need some new friends and some positive motivation. I am a mother of three and work from home as a cake decorator/maker. Looking to lose 40 pounds and inches. I am very active and love the gym, just need to get my eating back on track.


  • endofnext
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    Sure, add me :)
  • Melissaatthecircus
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    Hi there! I need friends too!

    As for positive motivation, this quote helps me sometimes: "Being overweight is hard. Losing weight is hard. Choose your hard." Okay, it's a little corny I know but ... gets me through sometimes. :smile:
  • meme9271
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    Add me for support!!
  • runfoorun
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    Did you say cake? Can we be friends? :)
  • anna4774
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    Hey there, I've been using my fitness pal now for 6 months and fallen off the Wagon about 6 times! :-1: I'm ready and committed to becoming healthier and happier :-D I need some good motivation and new friends :-)
  • Lorri127
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    I've been back on since Nov '14, I had a slow start, fell off a few times, but I'm consistantly on here and giving it a shot daily, every day. I love having motivating friends with a sense of humor. Anyone, please feel free to add me as well. Pricessave, I've requested you too. :smile: Good luck in your journey everyone!!
  • jackiesagoddess
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    I just friend requested all of you too! I'm brand new and need some friends for inspiration and accountability. :)
  • rkboo22
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    Hello! I want to make this happen this time. Last year I was exercising but was on and off with my food. I am committed and need support.
  • rebekahx93
    add me! need more friends :) x
  • bkolegraff
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    Hey, welcome and hope you find this place motivating!!

    I have been on my new healthy lifestyle for about 6 weeks, and have already seen and felt some nice results. And being on here has been a boost. I have a couple "friend" that watch my every move, and I do the same for them. I have a FITBIT that links automatically to this site, as well as a WIFI scale. So, my technology monitors me too!!

    My EVERY DAY breakfast is chilled Swiss Oatmeal. They sell it at Corner Bakery, but usually I make my own. No cook, very healthy, and filled with my favorite fruit. Makes me want to get out of bed in the morning....... OK, not THAT good, but close.

    Anyway, best of luck!! I have 51+ to lose (still figuring out my final goal), but 24 down already!!
  • theresaTerriM
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    I'm new, just joined! I'm getting married next month looking to stay motivated to stay on track with my eating and exercise, I have 2 kids and work full time while also going to school. Add me :) I would love to help and support you, as I need the same!!
  • prettygirlstorm1
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    Add me too!! Need to lose 30 pounds! Started again this Monday. Got to get my weekends under control. Need all the support and motivation I can get!!!!
  • lpendleton58
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    Anyone is more than welcomed to send me an add request
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    Anyone is more than welcomed to send me an add request


  • JesiDM
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    Add me!! Love having new friends! Got about 130 lbs or so to lose.
  • BGold021
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    Just got back to working out again due to a shoulder injury and always looking for more friend for motivation. Add me.
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    Well add me I am new too.
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    Add me as well if you'd like.
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    Hi! I'm new too! Feel free to add me! Let's do this!
  • gynerr6
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    Add me as well. I just started my journey this past Tuesday. I definitely need support and I can share my support as well!