Female friends for motivation and accountability



  • cvdub16
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    Feel free to add me as well. I have the same goal! I had a previous account from before I got pregnant with my second and deleted it and started fresh with this one. So I too want to loose 35lbs and get me down to 140lbs, I am 5'3 and even that is considered the very high end for my height but with my body build if I loose more I would look sick haha.
  • lindseywolfe83
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    I feel you girl! I need motivation too. Haven't really been going since June. I was consistent with going for 6 mos straight but got frustrated after only losing about 10 lbs. I'm trying to get back in it!
  • I could use some motivation! Also, maybe a shock device for every time I get a sweet tooth craving. I’m 40ish and looking to loose around 15 pounds.
  • shalisa7
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    I have repeatedly started , lost, gone off the rails and now at heaviest . Need to lose 5 -6 stone...have no support so please add me x can't work out how to add people x
  • Ranchin_Around
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    Back on the wagon! Been gone a long time! Need to shed about 15lbs!

    Add me: I need the motivation!
  • I’m a newbie and have the same struggles. Feel free to add me and msg me if ya need some cheering on!!
  • stephholchak234
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    I could use some motivation! Also, maybe a shock device for every time I get a sweet tooth craving. I’m 40ish and looking to loose around 15 pounds.

    Haha yes!! I need a shock device too!! I would like to lose 20lbs total, but 10-15 by My bday in November. Or Atleast inches, I don’t mind the number on the scale as long as it’s muscle and not fat.
  • Lorri127
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    I'm looking for more encouragement and support as well.... I'd like to add to my friends list. 🙂 I've been consistent for about 5 years, with many ups and downs. Support is key! I'm 51 with about 40 pounds to lose.
  • Hickey2310
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    Looking for friends on here to keep me motivated. I joined this a long time ago but never stuck with it to utilize it. Now I’m trying to get myself back in shape and looking for people to help with accountability and exercise ideas. Please feel free to add me!
  • arameni
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    I'm starting again, too! My doctor mentioned I gained some weight since last she saw me.
    I was pretty embarrassed, but I'm ready to start again! I'm looking to lose 15-20 pounds and keep it off for a year!
    Add me!
  • SuperMotivated56
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    Hello ladies,
    I’m happy to be of support and encouragement too. 😊🌷
  • SuperMotivated56
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    “When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” 💭🌸☀️🌷🌿
  • Hi there! I'm not a rookie but I recently gained a bunch of weight due to a hormone treatment and I can't seem to get out of the 'f*uck it, I can't do it anyway' mindset. I'd love to have some new people in my list. I'm 35, looking to lose about 45 lbs.
  • BachataDancer
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    Really needing female friends. I have too many guys in my news feed with their abs and their weightlifting workouts (and 2500 calorie diets to go with it) that i just can't relate to. I'm here daily and read food journals. I encourage and need encouraging too, otherwise, what's the point?. In my 40s and probably won't ever have Michelle Obama arms, but I'm trying to just be healthy.
  • cincisk8r
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    Feel free to add me also :)
  • Chris_J99
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    Hi! I’m a returning MFP member. Doc says I should either grow to be 6 feet 3 inches or lose approx 50lbs. Growing is not happening so far!! I would welcome some encouragement buddies. X
  • fitpal4242
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    I’d love to be friends (anyone else looking for friends, too). I have an open diary
  • starbound2001
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    Hey, I’m always looking for support. Feel free to add me!
  • bear2303
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    Feel free to add me ladies! I've got a few more pounds to go to hit my goal but im 33 and have lost about 38 lbs in the last 6 months :)
  • Camaramandy648
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    Add me too! I just have maybe 12 more pounds to lose and I get stuck thinking, "oh i've been doing great, I can eat eight reese's cups...." Biggest. Struggle. Of. My. Life.