Former WW member needing a change

Hey, my name is Jackie. Like the post title reads I'm a former WW member. It worked for me in the past but for some reason not this time. I had a kid two years ago and since then my body has stubbornly held on to 30 lbs. Truthfully, I only needed to lose 20 after baby but 10 more creeped up once I had to look for another job and then my husband lost his job. Lots of stress. Anyway, I digress. I'm done with WW and celebrating other people's losses. I want to see if just straight and simple calorie counting is the way to go. I've only been on here a little while but I've made some progress. I've had some setbacks too but I'm headed back in the right direction. So , any other former WW members like me? How is it going so far? I could use the insight and support.


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    Hi Jackie, I am also a former lifetime WW member. I just cancelled my membership today because my trainer at the gym felt that I was not getting enough food with the time spent in the gym and that calories and watching macros would benefit me more in the long run. I also have a stressful, 2 jobs, 7 dog and 20 lbs to go life and I think this app has much more to offer in terms of options. One step at a time. Michelle
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    Thanks! That helps.
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    Hi Jackie , i was a former WW as well ,i stop because it was not doing it for me either and i was not happy with the new points system . I have just started today with my fitness pal and i am looking forward to the change and would love to here from other X WW member who are working with this program
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    Hi Jackie, I also was a former WW member, actually more than once. I like counting calories better than points. I also like learning how to portion control any and all food that I may want to eat that counting calories allows me to do. I've had about the same kind of success using this method as I did with WW. The only thing different this time is that I'm creating life-long eating habits instead of putting some foods out of reach, and I'm cooking all my own food instead of purchasing anything prepackaged.
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    I also am a former WW member (several times). I have no complaints about them, however I feel I get much better personal support here and enjoy the interaction with others constantly. I've made some amazing friends on here that have helped me with my struggles and cheered my successes. All in all, being honest with yourself and what you eat and how you move is the key to making this app work. Other "pals" on here can help you through and encourage you any time you need it. Welcome to MFP and I wish you wonderful success on your journey!
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    Hi Jackie
    I use to be LTM 2 yrs ago with WW and decided to leave I couldn't seem to maintain no matter what I did, fast forward to today I actually had thyroid troubles and had no idea. Still wasnt a fan of the recent changes to ww plan and cost.

    Counting Cals is no diff then counting points and measuring and weighing your food and getting your activities in daily is also the same, Just make sure to double check the nutritional info here before logging it.

    Best of luck
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    Ditto. Former Lifer with WW. Bottom line is this: Anything works as long as you are true to the system and be honest and consistent. I've been on this MFP journey a brief 4 weeks and so far the weight is coming off. Exercise also helps a lot. Operating at a calorie deficit is what's needed for success, and focussing on good nutrition and exercise is what's needed for long term health benefits. . . for what it's worth.
    Stay strong!
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    Just cancelled by weight watchers membership today. I really struggled to adjust to the new smartpoints program and I'm introvert so the weekly meetings actually gave me anxiety. WW is good program, but I think I need to change it up.