I'm back - but it feels new

My journey started almost three years ago in January of 2012. My sister was getting married, we were shopping for bridesmaid dresses and I looked like a whale next to all of the other girls. It's terrible that vanity is what finally gave me my a-ha moment, but I decided right then that things had to change. For the first time in my life I found the motivation and stuck to it. I cut out soda and sugars and most carbs. The pounds started coming off and just fueled the fire. By August, when I met my now husband, I had dropped 80lbs since I had started, 110lbs from my heaviest the previous year.


That leaves me at today. After a marriage, two pregnancies and the loss of one of our children, almost all 80lbs are back on. I don't understand how I let myself get back here. I don't know when I gave food the power back. I want to be better not only for myself, but now for my daughter. MFP helped once before, I'm hoping it can help me again. Open to any and all support. Thank you!


  • Lorri127
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    I'd love to share and support with you... feel free to add me. Losing weight is a constant battle, together we all can do it no matter how slow or fast. You've made a great step by joining MFP. Good luck in your journey!
  • stopdropandlose
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    So sorry about your loss. Feel free to add me, I love making new friends!
  • heyjude345
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    I am sorry for your loss also. I will send you a friend request. All I can say is that I had lost 80 pounds or so maybe 5 years ago and then gained it all back plus some. Sobering for sure! But I wanted to give it one more go and I'm now down 105 pounds and truly feel like I've made that switch to where how I relate to food and exercise is natural and I could honestly say I could continue on this path for the rest of my life. Don't look at the "failure" or that daunting number of pounds you want to lose. Just tackle each day as it comes and you'll do great!