Tried everything

I have tried every diet there is to try. This is my last resort. I did weight watchers.. Atkins, they were no help. sad thing about Atkins is once I start eating carbs again I know I am going to gain a few pounds until my body levels out, and adjusts to having some complex carbs in my body again.


  • sodakat
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    Hi! Remember, you get lots of do-overs when it comes to diets. LOL.

    I've found counting calories is really simple, especially with MFP tools. Staying in a deficit is not always easy, but it can be done. For me, learning to select the correct entry in the database was integral to losing week after week... that and logging every single thing. I use the barcode scanner whenever I can, but weigh the item I'm scanning so I'm positive I'm eating the number of calories I have logged. Also, the recipe builder tool is so important when making dishes with multiple ingredients.

    You can do this!

  • quiksylver296
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    Get a digital food scale and weigh everything out in grams. Log it into your calorie counter. Consistently eat at your set calories. Allow "special" food once in awhile, whatever your pleasure. I make room in my calories for chocolate nearly every day. Cuz I would totally binge if I tried to eliminate chocolate from my diet.

    It really is as simple as calories in vs calories out.

    You can do this!
  • Lorri127
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    Great advice @sodakat, I agree! Monitoring what goes in your body makes all the difference in the world. Sure, it's best to have them be healthy calories and choices, but at least when you count them up on MFP you can tell where you need to add or cut back. I've found it completely helpful.

    We all have had do-overs, I'm back on here for probably the 3rd time (probably the dozenth time trying to lose weigh that I've gained back), but this time it seems like a keeper... I've reached out to strangers who have become friends and kept motivated by having that support and accountability. Open your diary of foods for others to view, have friends help you... support, support, support and log, log log!!

    Welcome, Loretta, good luck in your journey! :)
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    I fully understand. I have been on every diet with some success and alot of failures. Like you I feel counting calories and exercise are the best options. I have done FP for 11 day straight and that is a great accomplishment. If I can do it so can you. We can do this together!
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    My latest try has been a one-way trip, which is so empowering. I'd like your opinion on this three-page article.
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    Try to plan your meals ahead for the week. That way you can plan your calories, portions, and it is fun to try different recipes along the way.
  • radkinson
    I love to eat (my downfall) ... and gain weight with sugars. I dont stop eating what I like, just cut down on the portions and added veggies as sides. Also, and this is THE best thing, add some apple cider vinegar to your water and drink throughout the day (it works, apart from the fact that it also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure)