Looking for friends who don't eat "clean" and healthy



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    LOL.. we can really eat what ever we want as long as it is in moderation and lose weight. Eating has been my BIGGEST struggle with weight loss because I want to eat my cake and lose it too... However, I've started playing around with some foods and making versions of the stuff I love to eat in a more healthier way. Now, I just started this so we will see how long it last... but so far, the foods have been ON POINT! I made a cauliflower pizza (I know doesnt sound so appealing but I decided to give it a try) and OMG it was great.

    I am a certified personal trainer and have dealt with these issues and deal with nutrition eating issues every day! One thing I would recommend however, is for you to ask what it is you are looking to get out of your journey?

    Are you looking to lose weight? Or are you looking to live healthier? To be honest anyone can eat "junk food" everyday all day and lose weight as long as they are on a calorie restriction, but at the end of the day, what will that do to your health?

    Have you heard about the professor who ate McDonalds for 30days and lost weight? Or this other guy who ate nothing but "junk food" for 30 days and lost 11lbs? You can google them to see their stories.

    I dont eat clean all the time, but I do watch what I eat every day and I enjoy M&M's, candies, or whatever else I want as long as it is within my daily goal... yippie!

    In this day and age where media is always telling us what is good and what is bad I do my best to live by this motto: "Whatever you choose to do, however, you choose to eat never let anyone tell you what you can and cant do. You know what it is you can do and what it is you want, its your life you take control of it the way you want!" It's your option and you have the ability to choose your path. =)
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    This is 100% why you're on my friends list XD

    I've just lost 40lbs thanks to eating less and moving more. I've eaten pizza, burgers, had waaaay too much booze and a whole lot of junk food... but if i tried to "eat clean" I would have given up by now. It's not realistic nor sustainable for me as I love my "Bad food" I've just learnt to eat it in moderation... unless it's a party which only happens once in a blue moon... in which case, I may go mental and have many cocktails ;D

    I also have set my diary to private after 1 user was telling me off for having diet soda. I happen to prefer the taste of pepsi max over pepsi as i find they're waaay too sweet but apparently having diet soda stalls weight loss and can even promote "fat gain" XD Some people get very creative with their own beliefs. Still waiting for that weight to stall.

    Hey 100%? That's all I have going for me? LOL. Also, I have read something like that about diet soda....It was more like there are studies that imply the fake sugar and stuff is a bit harder to break down than regular sugar or something like that. Even if it were true, it wouldn't be significant and from how you stated that I doubt the person was just trying to provide helpful information. People can be so critical and a lot of time it isn't even their business or problem.

    People really message other people about what's in their diary? I keep mine public because I eat between 1200-1300 and folks find that helpful, but no one is allowed to get all judgy mcjudgerson about it. That's lame.
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    I'm on the "I eat everything if it's within my calories" plan. There have seriously been days when all I have had to eat was like 16 oatmeal raisin cookies. No regrets.

    I have cookies and brownies and cake and candy almost every single day. Pizza like once a week. Burgers, fries, chicken nuggets. I don't even care.

    I've lost nearly 80 lbs
    so I feel okay about it. :smile:
    That's awesome :)

    Thank you!
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    I eat real food, some healthy, some not so great. I try to keep my protein high. I have an open diary, feel free to friend me.
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    Because it's nice when I can eat junk sometimes and no one will judge me. :P lol

    This isn't about anyone other than yourself. Go ahead and eat those Oreo's but stay under your caloric goal for the day. However, if you understand that those 3 or 4 cookies cost you a nice piece of beef or chicken, you might reconsider.

    Why not both? Why not meet macro goals AND have cookies if they fit?

    This thread was going so well...

    Not to mention it gave me a whole list of things I've got to try.

    (upset because I haven't made it to the store to buy Nutella yet... :wink: )

    Nutella is life. I put it in my plain Greek yogurt.

    I also like to put it in overnight oats with some banana and a bit of cinnamon, or eat it straight out of the mother-kitten jar.

    Why do you think I rarely buy it? And when I do, it's single serve packages. There is no way I can fit a whole jar into my daily calorie allotment. :tongue:
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    I used to dip kit kat fingers into my jar of nutella :)
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    I don't eat clean... I eat whatever will fit my macros and achieve my goals better this way. It works well for me! Feel free to add me.
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    I was nervous about having my diary open to friends at the start, but no one has ever commented negatively on anything I eat. I'm confident enough now that if someone tried to tell me I was eating "the wrong things", I'd happily tell them it was none of their business! :)

    At first, I told a few close friends that I was doing MFP and that I had budgeted for certain treats once a week. (Mostly because when I was doing WW some years back and had lost a significant amount of weight, there was ALWAYS some busybody who would come up to me in a restaurant or ice cream parlor with an "Have I just caught you CHEATING???" And I am really not that assertive IRL. Definitely not the kind who can respond with something along the lines 'How is that your business?' And during the initial few weeks of the MFP, I didn't fully trust CICO , so I was adopting a 'Let's see if I can REALLY eat what I want, so long as it's within my calories' and didn't want to feel myself automatically slip onto the defensive if anyone questioned what was on my plate.) Now, I don't bother mentioning it anymore. I've lost more than 10% of my starting weight and I feel comfortable enough now that I think I can just smile and reply, "A treat is not a cheat," and leave it at that.

    Nice terminology! :) I found that I don't like to use "cheating" or "cheat day" (or meal), it implies you're doing something to be ashamed of rather than enjoying a treat that you've consciously decided you want to eat. :) (I don't use "diet" for the same reason - this isn't something I'm going to be doing just until I lose weight and then going back to "eating normally". If I went back to eating how I used to, I'd be welcoming back all those extra pounds!)

    Very few people in my real life know that I'm working on losing weight, and I'm happy with that! I've been unemployed for some time, and when I finally find a new job my colleagues will never have known me as the fat girl who couldn't say no to an extra cookie or three, or the one who would eat All The Chocolate just because. I won't have to answer questions about the way I eat now because it'll be the way I've always eaten!

    A few weeks ago I was helping out someone with a bit of organising, and she kept trying to offer me food... I had my pre-logged food with me and didn't really want what she was offering anyway, but she was persistent! Eventually, after several polite refusals, I told her thanks but I had my calorie-counted snacks and lunch and would be satisfied with that. She gave me what seemed to be a rather smug smile and said, "People who count calories never lose weight." Well, how could I let that go?! So I said it was working for me and I'd lost (at that time) close to 40lbs. Her jaw nearly dropped and she shut up... a short while later she came back and asked me how I'd done it, so I pointed her at MFP. ;)

    Where did she get that ridiculous idea?
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    Well up until the 16th of this month I was not into clean eating, but due to ongoing digestive issues I have been placed on a very restrictive diet (low FODMAP) which kind of negates the ability to eat more or less anything that comes in a packet, but this is purely to try and get my body to remember how to digest food without being in agony, which has been the case for since October, so for once I am all for clean eating ... I do still want to be able to eat processed foods from time to time, and once I'm over this elimination period and have figured out exactly what is causing me all the digestive distress and agony, believe me I will be eating a wider range of foods, within my dietary needs ...

    But I love this post, so just had to comment.

    Well, that is not really in your control! Thanks for the support of our insanity even when your diet is so limited xo
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    I generally eat clean during the week. On the weekends, I've been known to have a stool reserved for me at Buffalo Wild Wings. :D

    You have great taste in restaurants, obviously!
  • Verity1111
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    I generally eat clean during the week. On the weekends, I've been known to have a stool reserved for me at Buffalo Wild Wings. :D

    You have great taste in restaurants, obviously!