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  • Some people on keto feel the need to turn it into a moral question. Well la de freakin da! I tried the peanut butter cup fat bombs and they were delicious and have 1 net carb. I don't see why anyone gets high and mighty about eating "real" food. If erythritol helps you stay in ketosis and keep to your diet then awesome!…
  • I don't know if this is "kosher" but a low carb protein shake like Premier Protein. When I couldn't eat eggs I would blend it with a little coconut oil and microwave to make "hot chocolate." Kind of like bulletproof coffee. I don't feel like it kept me as full but hey at least it was something!
  • Me too! I'm almost a month post partum with my third baby. I lost about 20 lb before getting pregnant (though not quite to my pre baby weight). Gained... Umm... Way too much weight this time around. I'm ready to get rid of this extra fluff already!! Looking for friends in similar situations to support each other.
  • The last couple days I've had a mindset shift. Instead of trying to distract myself when I've had cravings (which never works for long) I've been able to just face myself and admit the way I feel and control it. I don't really know how to put it into words but it feels amazing and I hope I can hold onto this new way of…
  • A random stranger just made an offhand comment about me being skinny! ME! I know he was just being nice, but nobody has called me skinny in at least 4 or 5 years. Day MADE! Thank you kind stranger!
  • Lol I've never related to anybody more!
  • Whoa! That's incredible progress, and you're so beautiful!
  • Night eating is a big problem for me. Well last night I stayed up past everybody else and did dishes - in the kitchen the whole time - and I didn't eat a thing! When I started feeling hungry I drank water, and when that stopped helping I went to bed. I was really worried my resolve would break but look at that! I'm…
  • I have this big, fluffy white bathrobe that I used to love but haven't worn in years because it wouldn't close all the way anymore. So embarrassing. Well I just grabbed it on a whim and it fits perfectly again! It's the little things!
  • I ran for 10 minutes straight today!! Wooo!! Victory! I've been doing the elliptical for months but had this major mental block with running. I was just so scared of it. Today after doing the elliptical I had EXTRA energy (what!?) and decided to try running. It wasn't that bad! Can't wait to try again tomorrow!!!
  • Wow that's fascinating. I had no idea there was so much research on it. Thanks for the links! Going to bed now!
  • That sounds like an impossible schedule. I'm impressed you're making it to the gym at all with so little sleep! God speed man.
  • I keep expecting my weight loss to go faster, at least once in a while. But this last month I'm only down a whopping 4 pounds (again). Yippee. But I took measurements this morning and I lost an inch from my waist and 2 1/2 inches from my hips! How is this possible??
  • I didn't expect the huge role that SLEEP would play in my weightloss. If I go a few days without enough sleep, it suddenly gets so hard to control cravings, I start feeling like a failure, I want to give up on the whole thing and I feel like I haven't made any progress. Then I finally get a good night's rest and it isn't…
  • I realized today that I was grouchy because I hadn't worked out all week. So I did and I feel better. Who is this person!?!?
  • I noticed this morning that my shin bones seem to have suddenly popped out. Shaving was an ordeal lol but so worth it for proof that my body is changing! It's so hard to see it in the mirror!
  • The people who you thought would notice don't say a word, and you get compliments from the most random people instead. There's no way to predict, so best not to expect it from anyone!
  • I don't have any advice but just want to say you're a rockstar and that having little babies is one of the hardest, loneliest, most frustrating things ever. You use up all your emotional / psychological reserves and it feels like you have nothing left. Having a nine year old I'm sure you have the perspective that it will…
  • My husband has stayed relatively quiet about my weight loss and insists he likes the way I look at any size, but today I noticed he's changed my contact picture in his phone to the new, thinner me :)
  • My son just barreled right into me... He hit my hip with his noggin and it HURT! Weird to remember I have bones! :D
  • Anyone seen Urinetown? One of the most underrated, hilarious musicals ever! Also can't seem to get Hairspray songs out of my head lately.
  • Down 2 inches on both my waist and hips!
  • I went keto and ate lots and lots of eggs and it somehow awakened a latent egg allergy. I now get violently ill if I eat any egg at all! I looked it up and it's not uncommon. So just pay attention if you start feeling sick. Hope it doesn't happen to you! I seriously miss eggs. :(
  • Scarlet Pimpernel!!
  • Today I was feeling emotional and yucky, and I went to the gym and worked it out and I feel SO much better! Junk food never worked like exercise does!! Huge NSV for me to actually WANT to work out!
  • This is the realest and made me laugh out loud! Need to start counting those steps!
  • Huge NSV for me - my kids and I have all been sick on and off for weeks now, and I haven't turned to comfort food or let it derail my weight loss. In the past I would have said forget it I'll go back to dieting when we're all better. Feeling pretty proud of myself for staying away from Oreos these days :)
  • I've started it (before going LCHF) but only made it a month before going on a hiatus until I can drop more weight. Likes: •Makes you feel so strong! •Amazing workout, and you can modify it to your fitness level •The workouts are hard but you feel really accomplished at the end •Can do it at home •The online support…