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  • OMG @wendsg vEveresting… you’re a machine! I can’t imagine managing that. I’m late to the party logging both a Zwift session Sunday of 38.6mi and my ride from yesterday which was SO good. I got back outside on my summer bike and smashed out some PRs on pretty regular routes for me so I’m happy with that. 20.3miles added…
  • Yay! Well done @wendsg ! Smashed your first 2023miles!
  • Omg yes, have you had the Forest Feast salted dark chocolate roasted almonds? They are so so good! Dangerous though… too easy to scoff uncontrollably in a moment of weakness.
  • Back on it after returning from France. Predicted thunderstorms meant it was a Zwift session, so I got the May Grand Fondo metric century out of the way riding Tick Tock with Coco who was as all over the shop as seems to be the norm these days. 62.8 miles brings YTD total to 1974.7
  • Amazing advice as always above from @springlering62 1lb/wk is a great rate of loss plus 2-3lbs of initial water weight. Well done and keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t get disheartened if one week you don’t lose or even gain. I highly recommend a weight trend app like Happy Scale used in conjunction with MFP. It’ll help…
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  • @wendsg you’re so nearly there! Exciting :)
  • @Mari33a this wasn’t a cycling holiday, we just went out on the bikes a few days. We were based in Saint Antonin Noble Val which is around an hour north of Toulouse and we’ll worth a visit. It’s SO pretty and steeped in history. We had a great time eating too much yummy French food. You’d trip sounds great!
  • Another 16miles pootling around the town & local area here in France and racing the rain clouds to get back before the heavens opened. Stopped for a Nougat ice cream in town. YTD total 1911miles Need to get back ON it when I get home
  • You can totally definitely do this! It sounds like you’re starting the right way :)
  • 21.6 more miles on the mountain bike exploring this remote area of France. We found a lovely hilltop castle and stopped for a drink before riding back and having a beer or two next to the river. Lush. Perfect afternoon. YTD now 1895
  • A short and slow mountain bike explore in France, riding along the river with friends and stopping for beer & pizza in town on the way home. 9.5 happy miles brings YTD to 1874mi
  • Another 29mi on Zwift to hit my 800km/month target. New YTD 1864
  • Congrats on that great weight loss so far! If you want help you could share your stats, open your diary and invite constructive feedback. How long have you been ‘stuck’ for? And does ‘stick’ to you mean not shifting at all or just slower than before?
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  • I do not pay, my biggest beef is it crashes all the time (iOS) so I imagine that’s no different for premium. The adds are nothing in terms of annoyance compared to the crashing
  • Mmmm Waldorf salad! I’ve got to try that recipe soon!
  • My diary is open so you’re welcome to snoop away :)
  • Maybe do some Google research on the smart watch you have and it’s app connectivity, with might be able to export to an app that MFP can then read from eg apple fitness? Sorry I don’t know many examples as my Garmin IS compatible but others will hopefully be able to advise if you can share the details of what you’re using?
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  • +1 for slowing down.
  • Metric Century today to work on my endurance for when we finally get back outside. I hung with Coco for 2.5hrs So 63 miles added for a new YTD 1835miles
  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m no good at high cadence but hopefully by practising I might improve. I hate it. This is my plan … work on your weaknesses and all that. Today I wasn’t really feeling it so just turned the legs at a reasonable effort whilst engrossed in some of the forum posts on here. 28miles brings me to 1772 YTD
  • Congrats on meeting the initial target and good luck for your surgery. Hopefully the weight lost will also do wonders for both old and new hips.
  • It is also quite common for people to genuinely believe they’re ‘only eating 1200 calories a day’ but actually once a week or more they have a blow out and don’t record a meal or maybe a whole day, the additional calories consumed from that one day can be enough, combined with inaccurate data entries on other days or…
  • I don’t know if you’re able but swimming could be a good exercise for you? If you have trouble using your legs you can even use a pull buoy (a float) between your thighs and swim with arms only. It would be a great way to burn calories and strengthen your body with no impact. Swimmers tend to have great core strength and…
  • You’ve come to the right place. Get stuck in reading the sticky threads and reach out if you need advice.
  • If you open your diary and invite constructive feedback then some of the experienced users on here can help you perhaps figure out where you could make some tweaks. Most of us who’ve been around a long time have been there, made that mistake, so you might as well benefit from this and hopefully you’ll find yourself back…
  • Are you trying to gain or lose weight? Depending on the answer people can make some recommendations to help.
  • Welcome! There’s a tonne of helpful info so get stuck in!
  • Amazing. But also I love how happy and free you look now. Nice work changing your life!
  • Just 12.5mi today but an interesting workout: the Sara Martin one on Zwift all about high cadence. Very interesting. YTD now 1744
  • Omg so sorry to hear about your cat that’s just awful! Do you use a weight trend app like Happy Scale? It can be helpful for seeing a downward trend when you might otherwise not realise it’s there. Kind of reassuring and takes the blips out.