App pay or no ?

HealthyNP1 Posts: 1 Member
Who pays for this app and do you notice a marked benefit vs free version?


  • sarabushby
    sarabushby Posts: 782 Member
    I do not pay, my biggest beef is it crashes all the time (iOS) so I imagine that’s no different for premium. The adds are nothing in terms of annoyance compared to the crashing
  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 8,437 Member
    Nope, never have. It doesn't add anything for me. Why not look at the perks and decide whether any of them are worth paying for for you.
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 29,589 Member
    There's no absolute universal answer to your question, IMO. As context, I've used both premium and free MFP.

    If you need some of the features that are only in premium to succeed, or premium's features somehow making logging/tracking enough more convenient for you that it makes a difference between sticking with it or giving it up, or if you're one of those people who's more committed to using a tool when it costs money . . . then premium is worth it. Otherwise, maybe/probably it's not.

    Why not try the free version for a while, see if it meets your needs. If you get frustrated with the free version somehow, or get used enough to it to be able to understand what the premium features might add to the usefulness for you, at that point take a look at the premium features list and decide whether to go that route or not.

    I think sometimes they offer free trials, too. Personally, I'd use the free version for a while since learning the basic app takes a little time, and most of the premium features are more advanced. (Some possible exceptions to that: Bar code canning, net carb calculation, intermittent fasting support.)