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  • As much as I like a strongly perfumed Earl Grey, I have a big mug of South African rooibois tea every day after lunch. I like both clear. ☕️
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  • Hi - I like them, too. I input them as circuit training. Perhaps not ideal, but it works for me.
  • This is a gem of a statement! Wonderful 👍🏽👏🏽 Anyway, I lost my weight when I was 50 and have maintained. I’m 55 and in the best shape of my life. It’s great to feel so well. Good luck to you.
  • I’m not fancy. I do at least 30 min of something that makes me really sweat each morning before work. I usually stretch for 10-15 min before bed as I listen to an audiobook, podcast or maybe Netflix. I have a decent home gym, so my daily workout could be treadmill, elliptical, rower, a routine with heavy dumbbells (eg…
  • I’ve been pretty much maintaining for 4-5 yrs but I’m still a slave to the scale. I know better, but still.... We should use other metrics, such as measurements and photos. Still, I weigh everyday and the more I see the fluctuations, the more I understand them.
  • It’s a great start. Bravo! You’ll do more when you’re ready. Don’t make it more complicated than necessary.
  • Everyone has earphones on - don’t worry and keep working hard!
  • They may have been rancid. They are high in unsaturated fatty acids and so are particularly vulnerable. Flax, walnuts, etc also have the same issue. But perhaps you just don’t like chia!
  • I’ve been using MFP for five years and maintained my loss, thanks to daily exercise and the App. I weigh daily to keep my head in the game - when weight creeps back on, I start to log my food and return ASAP to a better place. I agree with this, too. I personally have an emotional tendency to become a slave to the scale,…
  • Yes, for the same reasons mentioned by the others. Plus, I’m perimenopausal, so I’m never really sure when I’m going to have my period.
  • I have friends and family members with celiac disease. There are now excellent choices for them thanks to the fad and myth that GF is healthier and lower calorie. OP - Before you start your new GF strategy, please check calories and your pocket book. GF alternatives are often higher calorie than non-GF and always very…
  • My info on MFP on my iPhone and iPad aren’t synching. I’ve been using the app on both for over five years and this is quite unusual.
  • I track it all, as well. Weighing fruits, especially, since they vary wildly and can be large. My diet was always “healthy”, but I got too fat because I ate too much. I now know that I must watch everything as a small, perimenopausal woman, because my caloric requirements are not very high. As an example, I’ll frequently…
  • I’ve been maintaining for about 3 yrs but it’s simply more interesting to hang out in the other forums. Keeps my head in the game.
  • I travel a lot. I really tend to retain water and for me, I swear by compression leggings (mine are lululemon) for flights over 4-5 hours. Last week, I traveled from eastern Canada to Singapore and back, and also added compression socks - I was pretty good after the 13.5 hour plus 6 hour plus another 1 hour series of…
  • We love broccoli, too. I was surprised at how delicious frozen broccoli came out when I roasted it. Granted, I enjoy a softer cooked vegetable.
  • No problem
  • I appreciate that you’re making a great effort and people here have - and will - give you helpful advice. One thing you need is PATIENCE. I detect urgency in your post but please, give it time! Expect to see progress after three months, not three days. You can do it!
  • If you had a fever, I think you got a bug of sorts. Fever from over exerting yourself or low blood sugar is unlikely. Don’t be afraid to return and give the workout another shot.
  • After maintaining for a couple of years, I had stopped logging my food, though I was always happy to input my workouts. Still, at the end of 2017, my weight crept up a couple of lbs more than I wanted. I found a group here on MPF that was active from January-March 2018; the objective was simply to share personal weight…
  • I just saw this, too, but we share a brain. I have a hard time avoiding snacking when I get home from work and prep supper. So this week, I’ve tried to have a cup of tea as I putter in the kitchen (instead of eating 200calories worth of cashews). This is a great challenge. Thanks.
  • To answer the question, I personally hate the hassle of working out at lunch even though there are two nice gyms close to my office. I always work through lunch and often schedule meetings where everyone brings their lunch and we eat and work. That said, I don’t encourage others to follow my lead and believe that a noon…
  • Day 1- April 2 Start Weight: 125 lbs (but was 157 lbs in January 2015) Challenge Start Weight: 125 lbs Challenge Goal Weight: 121 lbs
  • Hello - My name is Janice. I am 53, living in beautiful but chilly Quebec City for 25 years (originally from Manitoba, too, @_Mrs_Ryan_ !). I am a research professor and I am usually sedentary at work, although I take the stairs and walk all over the campus when I can. History of weight loss: Several years ago, I used MPF…
  • Thank you, Carol! I will also be joining. I lost 30 lbs in 2015 and was maintaining reasonably well but I felt that my weight was creeping up. I don’t have much to lose - but being part of the winter challenge really kickstarted my logging after having become quite lazy over the past two years. the group keeps me mindful.…
  • I work out for at least 30 min everyday - usually quite intensely. It took me a long time, but I’ve learned that the self-disappointment I feel when I skip a work out is worse than any inconvenience, difficulty or discomfort that might happen during exercise. So, skipping a work out is worse than squeezing one in!
  • Baked beans can be microwaved and are a Québécois tradition in springtime with ham!