Abdominal cramping and diarrhea after Bodypump

I started back on MFP about 4 weeks ago after a 6 month leave. Then last week I started back exercising doing the treadmill and elliptical. Today I decided to go to a Bodypump class and keep my weights low. I walked on the treadmill for about 20 minutes and then an hour of Bodypump. When I got home for lunch, I really didn't feel like eating. But I ate a little bit anyway. Shortly after, I started having severe abdominal cramping and felt like I needed to stay close to the bathroom. After an hour of this including my bowels being emptied, I got very hot and thought that I had a fever. I climbed in bed and dozed for a couple of hours. Then I had chills and figured that I was sick. However, now I am fine but don't want to chance eating anything. Is that common starting a new exercise after being out for awhile?


  • meganw2020
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    Could have been low blood sugar if you didn't eat much earlier in the day and then did vigorous activity. Body pump is pretty intense, maybe ease into it over a few weeks.
  • Mandy72M
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    I think it sounds like a bug. Can’t see why bodypump would give you a fever. Don’t give it up.
  • KrisJ125
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    I'll go between the two camps--you may have eaten something that didn't agree with your system, which was hyped up from vigorous exercise already. Even foods we previously had no trouble with can turn against us when our system is stressed. go easier on the workout sessions and allow your body to return to a resting state for a while after exercise before you eat anything. then have something easy to digest (soup or a fruit smoothie). It's not really scientific--just go with what your own body can handle as far as exercise and post-workout food.
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    I get those symptoms when reacting to certain foods.

    Another possibility is that you became dehydrated.
  • luckygirl134
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    It's possible that your blood sugar dropped. That happens to me when I don't eat enough to fuel my workout. I get really light-headed, break out in to cold sweats, and usually end up throwing up. I've learned to control my blood sugar better though, so I don't really deal with that anymore.
  • spzjlb
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    If you had a fever, I think you got a bug of sorts. Fever from over exerting yourself or low blood sugar is unlikely. Don’t be afraid to return and give the workout another shot.
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    I disagree with the above posters. I think it is related to your class- namely overexertion coupled with dehydration and/or heat. This exact thing happened to me several times after I pushed myself too hard- once while running in the summer (an hour run), twice after finishing 10ks, and after my half marathon. I had runny diarrhea like crazy, accompanied by knife like stomach pain, hot/cold flashes, and feeling dizzy. On all occasions I slept for 4-6 hours (essentially passing out) and felt better on awakening (although I had a headache) and back to normal in 24 hours.

    I would advise you to hydrate more and not push yourself as hard- maybe just do a 5 minute walking warm up (instead of 20) or only 3/4th of the body pump class. but it should go away as your exercise tolerance increases and it should NOT be a routine thing. I doubt it will happen to you again, and I bet it was because this is your first time back in a very long time and you were probably pushing yourself to perform just as well as you did 6 months ago, when your body hasn’t quite caught up to that yet.

    I do not feel you have to limit your exercises bc of this, and think you can go right on back to body pump whenever the next class is, bc I don’t think it will happen again, provided you don’t push yourself quite so hard and you hydrate better beforehand. :)
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    I think that you are right Frequently_ I felt fine the next morning and taught school all day. I even went to the gym and worked out on the treadmill taking it easy. Worked out today on the elliptical and was fine. So I will take it easy until my body catches up with what exercise it. Thanks for everyone's input!