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  • I've also lost 30 pounds and am still in the same pant size.
  • That's a great plan @HarleyQuinn34 - you say you have an unhealthy relationship with food...this kind of balance might be good for your process of making a healthy relationship with food :)
  • Hmmmm....if you don't want to seem like you're freaking out over calories, as you say, especially in the important company you'll be with don't order the "Roasted Corn & Avocado Salad with no avocado, cheese, pistachios, and dressing on the side." That's a pretty conspicuous order, and you'll likely draw attention to…
  • My goal was to lose around 45 pounds by my 30th (the end of next February). I'm nearly halfway at around 24 pounds lost and I began in the middle of January...hit a recent plateau but I'm working through it. Add me, let's do this :)
  • I'm so glad to see the similarity. I've lost 24 pounds since mid-January. :smiley: My fellow half-success.
  • I'm originally from Pennsylvania. I'm an anthropologist.
  • I'm 5'2'' to 5'3''...began in the middle of January in the high 180s...currently in the low 160s. I have recently hit a plateau from a lot of traveling, celebrating, and vacation but I'm back on track. My goal is 135. I hope to get there by next February.
  • They take entirely different things into account. Weight Watchers points are calculated from grams of fat, carbs, protein, and fiber and MFP is counting calories.
  • The difference in the tomato you're tasting might not be the "organic" but the locally-grown, ripe from the source difference of your tomato compared to one flown in from abroad, picked when it's not quite ripe, sitting in the supermarket for however many days. Health-wise? It's sort of TBD. For example, you will likely…
  • I had a day during which I went overboard, probably well within the confines of a "cheat day" definition. When I logged those calories, the following FOUR days' deficits were needed to counteract that one day. A "cheat day" does not work for me when most of the week is spent trying to level out its effects. It would take…
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  • Measuring out 28g 100+ calorie servings of hummus gets depressing really quickly. It's like 3 dips worth. But it does put proper portions in perspective...I could've eaten 1750 calories of hummus and pita chips too...
  • And it's really interesting: http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/selection/corn/
  • People really react that way? I gained 60 pounds as a vegetarian. Cake is vegetarian. Pizza is vegetarian. I'm just really surprised...do people think it's all vegetables? Anyway, maidenti has it right. :)
  • YESSSSS, that's my view of corn! My dinner tonight was grilled corn, Mexican street food style. But I make the cream mixture with Mexican crema, lime juice, garlic, and a bit of mayonnaise then rolled in crumbled cotija, cilantro, smoked paprika, and cayenne.
  • True story, my fellow Nebraska dweller :)
  • I go to Anytime Fitness. I believe that mine was $1 to join due to a promotion, $35 a month, and there was no deposit for the key fob. One great thing about Anytime Fitness is that a membership at one gym is universally valid at all of them. You can go to whichever you choose locally or across the country once you sign up.
  • OP, you seem to be eating a lot of fiber. Is that new for you? Fiber can cause some serious bloating. Berries especially give me some bloating issues.
  • The medical research is really shaky on establishing a link between diet and acne. So, there's no hardline rule about what contributes to acne in a diet. I recently had a bad flare up unlike any acne I've ever had (I've usually just had the hormonal chin acne from time to time). I had around 60 lesions overall from my chin…
  • Unless you're being a dogmatist about it. But, then again, it's about **** pizza.
  • pizza (ˈpētsə): a dish of Italian origin consisting of a flat, round base of dough baked with a topping of tomato sauce and cheese, typically with added meat or vegetables. egocentric (ē-gō-ˈsen-trik ): having little or no regard for interests, beliefs, or attitudes other than one's own.
  • In my experience, marinades add about 50 calories per serving. Counting it or not depends on how tight you want your calculations and deficits to be.
  • I do calculate it. It's pretty simple: Build your recipe into the recipe builder to get the calorie content for it or measure out the portion if it's from a bottle. Weigh the marinade, and then weigh what is leftover in the bag after you marinate the chicken. Subtract that from your recipe's overall weight to track the…
  • I have a huge tub of Jolly Time popcorn kernels and these glorious boxes of single-serve packages of frozen chocolate-covered fruit called FruitChocs. FruitChocs pineapple is the beeeesssttt!
  • I used to feel exactly as you do. I think it's from growing up in a house with four kids. If you wanted some Toaster Strudels, you better get on that ASAP or else they'll be GONE. Same with any other tasty foods like chips or ice cream (really, some siblings would eat the cookie dough out of chocolate chip cookie dough ice…
  • I'm a Lehigh Valley native (first 22 years of my life) and all my family is still there. Except me. In Nebraska. I miss PA! Please say hello to Wawa/Sheetz, Wegmans, and other good Pennsylvania things for me. I get to visit in two weeks! :D
  • Where are you from? The UK, Ireland, or somewhere which was once part of the British Empire? I'm asking because people might think your tea is just a cup of tea, not a full meal. Is dinner the midday meal and tea the evening meal for you? That's my guess. Are you losing weight? At that low of an caloric intake, weight loss…