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  • GaleHawkins: Congratulations on doing a great job. MimiOfTheLusciousLawn: Wow, super job and so close to your goal. It definitely feels better being lighter and I am so glad I have done it but it is going to take some getting used to. I was put on a diet by a doctor when I was in the 6th grade because I weighed 160 pounds…
  • That even though I am happy to have lost 77 pounds (35 to go) and I can see the difference, I no longer feel like me. When I walk or engage in an activity I feel off balance and like I am leaning forward when I walk. It is really odd to feel like a stranger to myself. I expect that it will pass once I get to my goal and…
  • Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very impressive, keep up the great work.
  • Wow that is amazing and very inspiring. Congratulations.
  • For me the prime reason for losing is health and getting off at least some of my meds so I set my goal at the mid range of normal BMI which for me is 160. Since I weighed more than this in the 6th grade I have no idea what to expect when I get there but it should be interesting. I'm also planning on getting a Dexa scan…
  • [/quote] WTG!! What part of NH are you in? I'm near Lebanon [/quote] Thanks NH_Norma. We used to live in NH, first in Dover and then Brookline, but moved to Indiana in 1995. When I signed up for MFP I couldn't get the user name I wanted and since New England will always be home I opted for the name I am using. Neal
  • Did 40 minutes at 4mph on the treadmill today. I have been doing a walk/jog thing to build up my time and today at the end of the first jogging session I was feeling pretty good so I just kept going. Not sure how I will feel tomorrow morning :) but right now I feel great.
  • Thank you all for the wonderful support. I'm looking forward to having company at the station. :)
  • That is a nice loss in one month so great job. All that exercise is definitely paying off.
  • It refers to a persons weight getting down to where the first number on the scale is a one. So in my case from the 200s down to 199 so far.
  • #1 Absolutely is having the support of my wife who is on this journey with me. #2 Tracking on MFP and also using it for meal planning. #3 Getting my Fitbit Charge HR.
  • Thank you all for the kind words and support. It is quite a journey but with the support of my wonderful wife I will reach my goal in time for my 65th birthday.
  • I can finally say "me to" on moving from obese to overweight. Down 65 pounds to 207 as of this morning. 208 is the beginning of overweight for me according to the BMI calculator.
  • Some months ago I added three new holes to my belt because it was to big. Today I am on the last of those new holes and will have to add more before long.
  • Outstanding and inspiring, congratulations.
  • I always do everything from my computer on the web site and don't even have the phone app (if that is what you meant) so maybe it is a problem with the app. Thanks for clearing that up.
  • You can do either if you have accurate information on the calories per unit weight in the cooked or uncooked state. I go to the USDA nutrient database and search there. Any kind of meat I have searched for usually has the information in raw or cooked. I frequently use this database to check and see…
  • Not sure you are correct jacquifrench304. I have never adjusted anything since I started, all I do is "check in" to change my weight each week when I weigh myself. When I started in March 2015 MFP gave me a calorie goal of 1790 each day and today it is 1640. This is without any exercise of course. I have lost 60 pounds and…
  • Bud great job and amazing progress. I will bookmark this thread as inspiration. I'm a bit older (64) and shorter (5' 10") but hope my results are as good as yours.
  • Clothes weren't my motivator but I do use them instead of a measuring tape to monitor my progress along with the scale. Each time I go down a size in jeans I go to Goodwill and get the next smaller size and keep them on hand to "measure" my progress. I have never worn a fitted shirt so although dropping a size is…
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  • So I'm in my 30s for the second time (64) and I think the important thing is that harder refers to the fact that a persons metabolism slows with age, they tend to be more sedentary and have probably had their bad habits longer. I'm one of those who has been fat all my life and have lost lots of weight on many occasions. I…
  • gam3rguy you are just a machine. Between the exercise you plan to do and what your pup adds it is impressive. alf1163 I'm still 55 pounds from goal so about half way but still that 3lbs looked great on the scale. :)
  • Thanks alf1163, I would love to try and keep up the 3lbs pace but I know it is to fast and will catch up to me in time. Hoping to settle in on a relatively consistent 1.5 to 2. Neal
  • Made it through my first week of retirement. Increased my treadmill time from 30 minutes a day to 90 minutes (2 45minute sessions), continued strength training and cut back a little on the calories since I haven't been losing the 1.5 per week I wanted. Just weighed in and lost 3 pounds. Try one more week and then adjust…
  • Great pics Gam3rguy. The pup knows you really wanted to play in the snow not miss it by sitting inside all day. :)
  • Thanks Natalie and all the best to you in your weight loss journey and in life. Neal
  • Thanks kimiuzzell.
  • The end of a great week for me but not so much for the diet. I retire today and begin a new chapter in my life. Same event resulted in cake and ice cream and lunches with old friend which is wonderful for the spirit but not so much on the diet. Will weigh in Sunday as always, see where I am at and get back at it.
  • Thanks for the well wishes Megbugs and yes it is great to have such support so close by.
  • My wife and I are both on the weight loss journey which is a big help. We also both get up early and put in fairly long days at work. What we do is cook large batches of what we like on the weekends, portion them out and freeze them. Sunday we move the lunches for that week to the fridge. Breakfast (also at work) is…