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  • Bodie - -I've not checked if anyone else has suggested it. Sorry! He is a cutie! Those paws!
  • Well, it great that you are ready to say goodbye to it, Kate. I am afraid I am always too ready to say Hello to it...... That bus may as well make a stop for me too.....I rarely meet a drink I don't like,
  • Hey, I flirt with anyone. When you an old nag, you can't afford to be too choosy,,,
  • Peanut butter is one of those things I cannot have in the house if I am being serious about losing some weight,,,,,,me, a jar and a spoon is my idea of a real happy threesome! And I can't pretend I have moderation, Op, if you can moderate, then great, if not, then just don't have it for a while,,,,,,,,even if you miss it,
  • 'Cos I am stoopid 12 months of the year.....
  • I LOVE this thread!!! My cat ( sadly departed) used to do the same when I was attempting yoga positions. Yes, I meant attempting! He was either under me or on me.... My Mutt is currently worried by my taking up rebounding......( mini trampolining)...and makes himself scarce. Last time I was doing it, I bounced off it and…
  • Yup, I was thinking the same thing!! Freddi, that is like letting us climb on the horse but not letting us ride!! Is it really eat nothing but brown rice for 3 days????
  • My dog is a GSD. He keeps me on my toes. I love all dogs, all animals in fact. I also have 2 cats, I have had many various breeds in the past.....Pomeranian, spaniel, terrier, lab........brought up with dogs. And cats. I am in UK. My dog and cats have to be segregated. Such a pain,,,,,,! We got him at two and a half from…
  • Today I decided to squeeze in an extra walk as I am going to be pushed tomorrow timewise. I ended up with 21 boxes of cat food and had to call for a lift home..... If that doesn't make sense - I hoofed it to the shops.....for some greeting cards....saw an offer on cat food, forgot i was on foot and bought 21 boxes. Makes…
  • So glad I stumbled on this - have bookmarked budgetbytes! Looks good....and just the thing for new ideas! I have already seen a recipe for lemon and pepper zucchini,,,,which looks pretty tasty!
  • So agree with brentopia - my pals have kept me going when normally I would have given up.
  • I think she just meant getting out of bed earlier than normal to fit work out in,,, with 4 kids I doubt there is much time to lie in bed all day! But, wait....you were being tongue in cheek, weren't you??? Ha! Naughty boy!
  • @pechepanda - intelligent, quirky, funny, and pretty private on personal matters.
  • @ChemSjay - contradictory, shy but sociable, introvert to begin with but then turns into extrovert......
  • Avocado and raspberries - together - with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Glorious,......and now I am wondering why I have not had them together lately. Duh,,,,,
  • What do you mean by ' good stuff'?? first of all........that would give us a hint as to what this is all about. Smoothies can be good and healthy - you don't need to chew all the time!
  • Ciacyrus, posted without reading anything and then saw yours. You clearly have an inner strength that holds you together no matter what. You are proud of your family, bet they are even prouder of you.
  • 50 and a half and don't want to reach 51 feeling overweight. I think that is enough for you to take in for now...it certainly enough for me. The last time I looked I was 30!!
  • I'm late to report here - but for completeness -I had early onset from 40 onwards - and hit it like a brick wall at 46. Still struggling now with the night sweats/chills. I am 50 and a half now. ( I sound like a kid, ooh, I am seven and a half, not just seven !!!) I do have a recipe for a menopause cake for which, I hate…
  • It does get more difficult ( for some) once you hit menopause though, whatever the current thinking is. or the calorie deficit thinking is.....I was stable before I hit menopause and then the weight amassed...I think everyone woman has an individual response to menopause and some sail through it ( like my sis and sister in…
  • I am so glad I stumbled on this thread. One, cos it reminded I am not the only one who is struggling with menopause and unexpected weight gain ( especially around the middle!), and two, it gave me the total blindsider of a motivational post by Milliepet......!!! I was feeling old and fat and 'why bother?', then I got…
  • Midlands area. Currently the worst loser in my circle of pals,,,,,,,,!!! I am stuck! But still trying,,,,,, o:)
  • Totally agree with the first part of this!!! I used to do exactly the same! Now, I recognise a real craving from just a 'temptation'.....if it the latter, I know I will get over it. If it the former, then it just has to be put to bed,,,,,by having whatever it is I am desperate for. As others have said, you have to make…
  • Turning 50 at my heaviest weight I had ever been . And even then doing nothing about it in real terms, The real shocker came when I had to admit that I had to either buy new clothes in a bigger size or DO SOMETHING!!! You are lucky - you are young and it much easier when you are young, believe you me, and much much harder…
  • Well, I guess you got your hello's,,,,,,, Now you getting a goodnight, I am in England so up late,,,, :D
  • OH, and I would never order salad. I wouldn't have wanted him to think I had to work at being 'slim'........
  • And now we all realise how sarcastic we all being over a WTF post, I really am going to bed,,,,,,,,,,, Personally? On a first date? I would have usually starved myself for a week so would have eyes bigger than than my belly. Oh, for those days again,,,,!!!!! My belly has certainly proved the winner in recent years!!!
  • @Cortelli - very funny, mister,,,,,,!!!!! Made me laugh......you were being sarky. Think some people missed that, Never mind, it gave me a huge chuckle and I am now off to bed....I am hours in front of you, not just taking a nap!!!!
  • @ jag7694 - so macho,,,,:))
  • @katnroyal87 = glamourous,