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  • I'd love to join too! I just turned 29 (the first of many years of turning 29) and would like to lose 20lbs. I NEED to lose at least 5 in the next 6 weeks to fit into my wedding dress (wedding was postponed a couple years ago, now getting around to finally tying the knot, dress is too snug!)
  • So flipping real. Last week I was crazy hungry, it was so hard to stay within calorie goals, and most days I didn't :( then aunt flo hit, and it all made sense! Damn hormones!
  • Hahaha! Yes!!
  • I really like this one. One of my biggest "reasons" to not try is because I'm afraid of failing.
  • These are great. There are so many temptations - donuts at work, junk food at friend/family get togethers. A good reminder.
  • You are an inspiration!!! Great work, you got this!!!! :)
  • Energy - water water water. Multivitamin that meets your needs. For example, I'm not a fan of red meat, and I know I get low iron levels - when I make sure to take my vitamin with iron, I can feel a difference in my stamina. Getting in workouts - just start moving. When my babe was that little, I wasn't a fan of leaving…
  • Find reasons to get up from your desk. Refilling a water bottle (and the pee breaks from drinking alot of water!) are a great start. Standing work station. The previous place I worked, my manager would have walking meetings if the weather was nice - if it was just a quick chat with him and one other person, like…
  • We have a similar goal!! I started at about 145, and hoping to get to 130, even 125 (hard weight to maintain). This is the heaviest I've ever been (minus being pregnant, but lost it all easily by nursing) You can do it!!!:)
  • That is a great idea. I am going to start doing that when I'm tempted! I'm at the point right now where I don't have a lot of self control, so instead of trying to completely avoid it and then binging later, I let myself have a little bit, log it, and tell myself tomorrow is another day & another chance to do better.
  • My SO and I just booked our first ever vacation with each other (no kids!!!) that's coming up in about a month. I want that pre-baby body back, to be able to strut my stuff with pride, hang out at the pool in a bikini with no shame. Hoping my motivation won't fade once we're back from the trip, though.
  • I ask myself how I will feel after I eat it. Will I feel guilty? Will I end up with a sugar crash? Will I get all bloaty and icky feeling? This usually makes me want LESS of it. Craving that entire chocolate bunny from easter - I think I'll eat just a bite. I always log it, every bite, every single fig netwon ;) Otherwise…
  • I love this thread! I'm just starting my journey to be healthier. My problem is the TIME it takes - I've found quick meals to make but they aren't the healthiest. I also only shop at Aldi's to keep the budget on track, so some of the frozen/ready made options just aren't there. My new favorite breakfast: Simply Nature…
  • I have a straw type water bottle that I keep right next to me on my desk. I use the Aldi's brand of Mio water flavor squiters, I've also liked their indiviual Crystal Lite type packets in the past. Whenever I'm hungry, fidgety, bored, or gathering my thoughts, I take a sip. It's become habit now, but there was time when it…
  • I would flip out. I do not agree with the school's policies at all. As another commenter said - we should be teaching kids moderation. Personally, I feel that my dad's restriction on certain junk foods as a child made me have an unhealthy relationship with them. The high sugar content, lack of nutritional value, or…
  • Love them. I don't have them as often as I should. My kids love them too :) black beans and rice, black beans and corn, vegetarian or lean chili, soups, etc. Very easy to keep on hand and throw into many recipes to up the nutritional value!
  • Lean meat - chicken/turkey, hard boiled eggs, off brand of Kashi-Go lean cereal (high protein and fiber), yogurt, hummus. The yogurt has been a daily snack for months/years? Hummus on and off. Both of which never bothered me before.
  • YES! I've been eating a ton of raw veggies - they're so low in calories that it's almost cheating :) and frankly I enjoy them. I'll try steaming them, that's a great tip. Plus then I won't be craving dips to go along anymore.
  • I had a similar experience with feeling sick (not the guilt) when in the depths of anorexia. What started as not eating due to high stress and subsequent appetite, grew into feeling incredibly nauseous every time I did eat - even when I wanted to, and knew I had to in order to become a healthy weight! I would start a…