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  • Oh! Good! I was worried for you. xD;;; But yeah, take it one day at a time, and never give up. <3
  • Sorry;; I meant to add more to the "You might see quick results!";; Which is true, but that weight you lose will rebound, because your body will be starved. Going into starvation mode will make your body store fat. Take it one day at a time, stick to your calorie goals, and you will see the results in 30 days. Exercise…
  • 2LBS A DAY IS DANGEROUS!! o_o;;To do it safely would be 2-3lbs per week, and even then the 3lbs is pushing it. EAT. Not eating is going to be way worse for you, in the long run. You might see quick results! Think of today as one to do better tomorrow. Also;; Being OBESE, my doctor said that when you commit to changing your…
  • I make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and go for a walk when I get hungry. Reading a book, playing a video game, or doing some other form of exercise, it all takes your mind off of snacking. It helps A LOT.
  • Hi, congratulations! So strength training? That's amazing! I've basically only been walking, and doing aerobics, and lost 20lbs, so far~ (In less than 2 months, might I add! :D) I'm definitely going to have to try incorporating weights into my routines. From your pictures, you look absolutely stunning! Your journey/results…
  • And this could entirely be my problem, as well;; I've been debating for a few weeks now as to whether I should buy a food scale or not, the very thought makes me feel as if I may be going down a slippery slope of being obsessive. This video, however, pushes a lot of that uneasiness to the side. Thanks for posting this!
  • Nailed all of them, except... I always tuck my legs, because some big dude brushing against my legs is far less uncomfortable than him brushing against my entire body <_<;;; lol
  • :p No question mark, it is. Just like photoshop in magazines.
  • Your post made me want to find out for myself; So I found this. :)
  • It's too soon for me to post any after pics, because I've only started to really reshape my life a month or so ago, but I'm down 16lbs so far, and so many people on here give me motivation! ^_^You're all amazing~!
  • Wellllllll... I dunno if this is valid or not, but for me, the phentermine kinda wears off around dinner time, so usually from 6-7pm until I go to bed (usually around 12am-2am, depending) I manage my own hunger. I'm doing fine, but I also started my "journey" a month BEFORE using phentermine.
  • After reading/skimming most of the posts here, my only question is: Old Navy runs big...? o_o
  • I read through all of it, I only respond to ones that mention me, though. I've noticed a lot of people on MFP are dicks, but I've also noticed a lot of really nice people, too. It comes with the territory, I suppose. I will be careful, thank you. :smile:
  • I wasn't at all being mean spirited;; Snarky, maybe a little. Is it not mean spirited to say someone doesn't know what something is, or is not, while lumping them into a group all together? I know that pills are short term, I had a long conversation with my personal doctor about this, the key is to use the medicine…
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa! Before even being prescribed Phentermine, weren't you given an EKG? o_o If that's the case, your doctor should never have prescribed it for you! I hope that you're doing better now, though.
  • Pretty sure most of us know what a calorie is... I've been watching what I eat/etc for well over a month, before my doctor prescribed Phentermine, even lost 11lbs, before the appointment. >_>; For me, it is an appetite suppressant, that is all, because feeling like you're starving ALL THE TIME IS SUPER AWESOME. /thumbs up!…
  • Hi, that actually sounds wonderful! Hadn't thought about using the sour cream, instead of low fat Mayo! :D
  • I usually just have tuna with crackers, or if I feel like something more filling, I'll make a nice veggie salad with tomatoes and the tuna basically being the dressing for it. :3 I like to get the Bumble Bee flavored tuna, favorite being lemon pepper!
  • Really? I'm so sorry! I thought the OP said he wanted to "lose weight", and so I commented on it, just as you did. My bad. Pfft.
  • That's great! Keep up the good work! Now for the rest: Do you do everything on your own, like no medications? Or no family or friends support? It can be very hard doing something that is actually good for you. Like exercise. Quitting smoking. Limiting alcohol consumption. And yes, even putting that extra cookie down.…
  • Wow, sure not a lot of supportive people here. @[email protected] If any of you had self control, then why are you even on MFP? I agree to a certain extent that you are responsible for what you put in your mouth, but if you have people practically throwing it in your face all the time.. Come on! My only real advice is to talk to your…
  • "Bake them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350°F, or just toss them directly into the trash because life is meaningless." xD This is like the best thing ever. It sums up everything. Like... "This salad tastes like I'd rather be fat." WIN!
  • ... I'm OCD about locking/unlocking doors, and washing my hands. I wouldn't say I'm CRAZY, it's just something I've always done. As far as relying too much on MFP, and it leading to other unhealthy things... EH? For those who do it, whatever makes you happy is cool. For those who don't, then keep on doing whatever you want…
  • ^ Can I have both?
  • But it DOES change your life... o_0 You become healthier, and can do more things, and fit into different clothes. It, of course, makes you look nicer, and feel even better, too.
  • I'm eating ice cream. :*