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  • I’ve been keto for 3 years. Everyone here is giving you great advice. Stick with it don’t give up. It’s the best thing I’ve done for my body.
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  • @nooshi713 i am 5’5” and weight 123. No I never had any blood work done. Yes when I first started keto 2 years ago I was 139. I’m not trying to loose any more weight. I am thinking of trying the Mediterranean lifestyle but not sure how to do it or transition to it from keto.
  • @psuLemon my HDL is 82mg my LDL is 236 total is 326 Tri is 39 I have thought about switching to Mediterranean keto but I’m not sure how to transfer to it and I’ll admit I’m scared I’ll gain weight back I’ve watched some you tubes about Mediterranean
  • Thanks yes I would only eat maybe a Tbsp at a time.
  • @TeaBea thanks for the suggestions I will definitely look into them.
  • @springlering62 I would love to do a class but unfortunately there is no place around that does anything like that. Unless I want to drive an hour away. And I don’t. Thanks for the info. When I do other workouts I am aware of what muscles I’m working brain and muscle connection I believe in. Thanks for the info
  • @collectingblues I’ve also had that same problem it’s frustrating
  • How has everyone been doing? I have 2 more pounds to lose til my goal weight. I’m making keto a lifestyle no more going back
  • Well I feel ive fallen off the wagon. I have been on keto and IF for 1 month 3 weeks. This pass weekend on fri we had friends come over and didn’t eat til 7:30 pm and my IF I’m suppose to b done by 5 then Sat we went to my daughters vball game and ate at Moes I got steak bowl no beans rice ect. And sunday I just felt like…
  • @Rockerchick72 I don’t have an air fryer. But I do like my instant pot
  • @candylilacs share ur tortilla recipe yum
  • Weighed myself yesterday down .5 lb better than nothing. Now altogether got rid of 11lbs. Today I put 2 chicken breast n instant pot then shredded then. For lunch I will take 4oz of it sauté some spinach add chicken to warm throw some salsa. And sour cream on it. And that’s what’s for lunch. What are y’all having? plz share
  • @dim4mom welcome I am somewhat knew to keto only been 1 1/2 months. But I would say if u are doing keto first thing is to use a keto calculator on the web to figure out how many carbs, fat and protein u should b consuming. And I always put in what I ate so I can keep track of everything.
  • Does anyone have any recipes or food ideas they want to share? I have made the low carb pb fudge, cool veggie pizza, cookie dough fat booms. ( to me they taste like cheesecake with chocolate chips, which I love) they r all on my pinterest board under keto it was very good
  • @iamstaceywood I tried to send a friend request and it kept trying to send it. So I’m not sure if u ever got 1 let me know
  • Oh and I’ve got rid of 10.5 lbs and I only have 3.5 to go. But I will prob stay on this keto journey BC I am feeling great on it. After 1 more month I may eat a real carb 1 meal but then back on keto.
  • I have been doing keto for 1 month 5 days. When I first started keto I made sure I got salt intake. It was the 2 nd day and I was starting to get a little dizzy and a small headache so I started to drink water and added salt to it. That help a lot. And never actually got the keto flu. There are recipes on Pinterest for…
  • @apullum yes I do believe it was water weight at the beginning.
  • @apullum I’m down 9 lbs on keto n 1 month it is working I only need to get rid of 5 more pounds I know that doesn’t sound like much. I feel great since I’ve been on keto.
  • @anubis609 I am doing keto for fat lose. My idea weight would b 125. I have 5 more pounds to get rid of.
  • @anubis609 not sure if u can answer this. today my carbs were around 30 g that is the highest they have been. Usually stay around 15 will that throw me out of Ketosis?
  • @shawnashauntia Thanks. Did a workout from it today
  • Thanks for all the info. I have been on keto since September 10. And have lose 8 lbs. I’m feeling great. I got the keto rash a few days ago on my back and a little where my bra lays. It’s not itchy. Thank goodness. I’ve been putting tea tree oil on.
  • I am 42 yrs old, weight 133, lightly active, want to loss a little weight I’m 5’5 and the macro calculator is telling me 5g carbs, 70 protein, 105 fat. Calories 1246- which I haven’t meet the calorie count in a few days. Does that sound right??
  • 25% protein
  • I thought too much protein is not good?
  • I’ve been on keto for 2 weeks today. I lost 4 lbs the first week and only 2 the second week. I’m not eating all of my calories I get full but I hit my carb and protein and a little under my fats. What can I do to eat the calories recommend but not go over my carbs fat and protein? Plz help
  • I eat way to much carbs and my stomach feels bloated. Trying to lose about 15 lbs. I’m on day 5. And feeling and doing great.
  • Thank you
  • Does anyone know I if there are DVDs you can buy for 80 day Obsession? If so, where can they be purchased