Fitness pal app problems

As anyone else having problems with the app? It works fine for a while then after a few days it changes my calories and macros. So I change them back and again works fine for a few days and then does the same thing. Anyone else having same problems


  • squirley13
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    Yes I had those problems several times throughout the years. You just have to keep fixing it until they give up changing your personal changes and goals.
    APPYMAMA22 Posts: 11 Member
    So far I'm not having that issue. But it's super unreliable w/respect to giving me credit for calories burned. I have it synced to my Garmin Vivosmart 4 (which I love), and the calories spent are always lower here. Also, I love being able to just point my phone at the bar code and having the data populate. But sometimes it's just...wrong. It gives different values than what is on the package and I can't find a way to correct it in the app. It's not a *huge* bug deal but it is annoying.
  • collectingblues
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    I'm not having that issue, but the search function has become useless. It's not pulling *anything* that I know is there -- and all of the USDA codes have been wiped out completely, it seems. If I search for a code, I get a bunch of Arabic text instead... Or it just starts pulling in foods from "My Foods" that have absolutely no relationship to what I'm searching for -- a Jimmy Johns sub should not be appearing if I'm searching for the USDA entry on skirt steak!

    I've been a faithful MFP logger for almost 7 years now, and have only stuck with it because of the database and functionality on the app. If this issue sticks around, I'll need to bail because it's stupid and useless.
  • lillypade
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    @collectingblues I’ve also had that same problem it’s frustrating
  • cjseajays63
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    My Fitness pal support is a joke, I have had a ticket open for over a week and no help. I am a premium user and it is
  • amy19355
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    i had that problem for a little while until I figured out that my ipad had different settings in the goals than I had put into my iphone.

    maybe that will help you?
  • LyndaBSS
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    The only issue I’ve ever had is the notifications not working. I use the app on an iPhone.
  • geraldaltman
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    LyndaBSS wrote: »
    The only issue I’ve ever had is the notifications not working. I use the app on an iPhone.

    Expand the non-notifications to include android phones as well. Is it too much hope that this would be seen by someone who might actually be able to do something about it?....Yea, probably.