Whose doing keto out here? This is my 9th day and keto flu has well and truly kicked in, main symptoms being not being able to sleep. Any tips advice success stories most welcome


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    Not from personal experience, but I've read that you should really increase your electrolyte intake, specifically salt, to combat keto flu.
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    @Lietchi thank you. I think that’s it. My salt intake has dropped quite a bit
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    I’m resorting Keto, definitely watch your electrolytes. Increase your water intake because the keto lifestyle can cause dehydration. Some people drink pickle juice and say it helps.
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    @Peachez2 pickle juice???? What the heck. Thank you lol
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    Well, pickle juice is high in salt as well, so we're back to the 'more electrolyte/salt' solution 🙂
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    Pickle juice definitely helps! :)
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    Broth too!! You can make your own using bouillon cubes or you can buy it, whichever is best for you!
  • Pickle juice and broth? Sounds like torture. Just stick with it (defo up electrolytes) and it'll soon go. I've been keto since January and will never go back. I don't get enormous hanger pangs - like being fuelled on carbs - mental health improved, down 55lbs but now happy with weight and not returning to my old ways.

    If you're looking to lose fat then walk. Perfect fat burning zone. Get a dog!

    Also, if you're looking to do more resistance training then you can up your protein and still stay in ketosis.

    Don't listen to those that keto cycle. I'm healthy as f***. Only thing I take is a multivit and extra Vit D.

    Good luck!
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    I’ve been keto for 3 years. Everyone here is giving you great advice. Stick with it don’t give up. It’s the best thing I’ve done for my body.
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    @lillypade yup very greatful 🙂
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    I've been keto for just 2 weeks. I have resorted to Gatorade zero for my headaches. If anybody wants to be MFP friends to support each other I'd love that!
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    Do y’all track calories as well as do Keto? Are you running a deficit?
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    @janinemarie830 good luck on your journey. Im coming up to 7 weeks with another week and half left.
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    @amandaatwork i don’t track them at all but I can say that I probably am in a calorie deficit as during keto I don’t really get hungry at all. Today I decided to test the boundaries of carbs and eat a 5 guys burger. Will test to see in i’m still in Keto, stay tuned lol
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    I have been low carb for one month. It has helped with some long standing health issues . I had popcorn and wine tonight so I’m obviously
    Not being super strict but I think it’s good to have a little fun sometimes too. Once you get that craving thing gone it’s much easier .
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    @asugar1390 100% with you, I believe it’s called cyclical keto so giving yourself one carb up day maybe can help in the long run as long as you don’t over do it.

    I tested myself after my 5 Guys burger and still in keto but will try again in the morning.
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    Hi, I started Keto last week and I am down 6lbs. and feeling better. I have type 2 diabetes and my doctor suggested keto. My glucose numbers are improving, and I am hoping for a lower A1C my next checkup is in a month. I am no longer living on carbs; I am slowly making healthier choices. I hope by Christmas it will be a true lifestyle change. I have found great keto recipes on Pinterest and lots of healthy ideas

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    I’m trying keto this time around because once I start with carbs, I have a very hard time controlling my eating so I won’t say it’s an *addiction*, but carbs definitely set off my BED.
    Today is day three, and so far so good. I do have an electrolyte supplement, but my salt/potassium seems in check right now.
    If anyone wants to look at my diary and give some pointers, it’s public.

    I’m in light ketosis now according to my blood check this morning of 0.6

    I do very well with repetitive breakfast/lunch and change it up for dinner.

    I am counting calories to stay in deficit and counting total carbs not net.

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    Hotelsma wrote: »
    @Lietchi thank you. I think that’s it. My salt intake has dropped quite a bit

    Keto causes electrolyte imbalances due to a substantial flush of water from your body. You need to increase your electrolytes. I've never done, nor would I ever do keto, but you definitely have to up your electrolytes significantly.
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    @Izzybella22 hay, great start. Good luck in your journey. You can make pretty much make everything on low carb these days. Keep us updated on your progress