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  • Seriously, a day? Yikes. We now limit red meat to once a week and try to stay within the limits it as the size of a deck of cards. Most all steaks in the market are too big for us in one sitting, so we split a steak or cook two and save one for a few days later and put it on salad. That said, I do remember a day when I…
  • Fasting for me is eating my last meal by 6 pm and not having breakfast until 9-10:00 am the next day. If I eat breakfast at 10, I tend to skip lunch and just have a snack (fruit, cheddar bunnies, almonds).
  • One Flounder filet lightly fried in Pam Olive Oil with a 1/4 cup of Pesto Tortellini.
  • 44 old? Yikes, 60 is the new 50! Try to fight off the push to put you back on mess and just double up your efforts to lose the next 14 lbs. Have you looked into nutrition to help support your joints?!? Lots of foods can help alleviate pain and further damage. You can do it!
  • His behavior is unacceptable and it only denigrates your self esteem... time to get it together and either both of you go to counseling or you leave his sorry self. No one should deal with disloyalty, no one. You are better than that, never doubt it.
  • I only log it every Wednesday. I do step on the scale in between, but don't record it. It helps to keep me on track.
  • Feel free to add me as a friend. I just started back up on Aug 29 and also need a support crew! My stats: Height: 5'10" SW: 208 (6/2015) SAW: 200.3 (start again weight) CW: 199.7 GW: between 178-172 My food and exercise diaries are open to friends. I find it helpful to see what works for others. I walk my dogs daily, 1-3…
  • Feel free to add me, we can all use additional support! I have 14-16# more to go and I stalled in June and gained 7# back
  • It s definitely not a sprint, and it's a lifestyle change...and that takes a lot of work to learn how to do it right and keep yourself honest. Something that many times gets people stuck, is falling into routines. Eating the same foods day in and day out, doing the same exercise. The best advice is look back at your diary…
  • This says it all in a nutshell.
  • 5'10" lost 23.5# so far. I've dropped from a size 16 to a 14 and some 12's - I don't think I noticed it until 10# lost. It all depends on where you lose it, and what type of exercising you do to reconstruct your body. I've found yoga to be an incredible body reshaper, which is probably why I've dropped sizes. If I stay…
  • Definitely a problem. Healthy weight loss, as a lifestyle change, versus diet, is no more than 2 pounds a week. Anything more than that isn't healthy over the long term. Part of why I don't like the Biggest Loser. It's not reality, it's promoting crash dieting.
  • It should be listed as Bikram Yoga.
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  • You bet! Spring is here, so I'm ready to get my horse back in shape. Lunged him tonight and hope to ride Friday.
  • I think back to why I started the journey in the first place. Plus, I keep a picture of me when I hit goal weight back in 1999 on the fridge as a reminder. I lost 40# to get there then, so I know I can do it again. Back then I did it for my wedding. Today I do it for my health
  • 5'10"started at 207, currently down to 181.2 My goal is 172 and then reaccess. I was 168 back in '99. Feel free to add me, I'm here for the duration :smile:
  • It is all about the discipline and changing your view about food. Let's face it, if we weren't foodies or emotional eaters, we wouldn't be here looking for support. I tend to graze when I'm bored. I don't binge, but I usually go for something that I'll regret later. I keep a couple of pictures of myself when I was happy…
  • Feel free to add me, I prefer friends with open diaries to be able to get ideas and see what works for others. I only have another 12-15# to get where I want to be, but will be using this app daily for life! It's great. I'm from Connecticut /US.
  • Talk to an're Thyroid levels may not be in range for you.
  • Plank, either with arms extended or on your forearms. At 189# you can burn 267 calories by holding the position for one minute. I do three a day now. It took me a month to build up to the minute. I then do a couple of boats, also holding a minute each.
  • 5'10" and we definitely hide weight gain to the eye, but I always see it in how my clothes fit. I've lost 25# and down almost two sizes in pants... 12 still feel snug, 14's feeling loose.
  • I'm a big believer in slow and steady wins the race. Anyone can lose a lot of weight quickly, but they will never keep it off and yo-yo diet most of their lives. Yeah, it feels good to see the scale drop 4-5# a week, but 1) it's not that healthy for your body and 2) you don't change bad eating habits. The only way people…
  • First off, congrats on the great weight loss and taking the first steps to better health. I sent a friend request.
  • Sent a friend request!
  • I would double check your daily calorie intake, make sure you're drinking enough water and realize if you're building muscle, it weighs more than fat. Healthy weight loss is .5 - 1# a week. Although, IF you're caloric intake dropped dramatically when you began your tracking, many people lose 3-5# the first week. If you're…
  • Totally agree. If your husband loves you for you, why should you care what his parents think of your weight? Do they have fetishes for thin people or something? If you are happy, that is all that matters. If you want to lose weight for you, do it the right way. Slow and steady to learn healthy eating habits is the way to…
  • I agree with once a week, first thing in the morning, same clothes if not naked. Weight fluctuates throughout the day and say to day as there are time you retain water, sometimes not. Carbs and salt will hold water every time.
  • Yep, it was the one great take away from WW. Calories (their points) should be budgeted to start each day. I try to plan each day so I know what meal is going to be highest in calories; deduct it from the account and then figure out how to get the most bang for my buck with the balance :)