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  • Social media is typically fake. Look at Instagram model pics vs reality. When people use social media to make connections what they put out and receive is not true reality. I think people eating healthy and get in shape notice obesity more. So you're hyper sensitive to she obviously doesn't eat 200cal meals 3x per day.…
  • I listen to him before I look. I like smooth voices before all else. Tattoos and piercings are awesome. I like broad shoulders and manly hands. I prefer average height(but tall is okay). I think glasses are attractive although not mandatory. I like strong with a little bit of cushion. I've noticed I really like red beards…
  • I did 2lbs per week and exercised a ton. I ate back my exercise and for 1 year hated my life. It turned out MFP over estimated my exercise calories and I needed to double check food labels with calorie count listed here for accuracy. So what I decided to do was manually add a calorie goal 1500ish I'm 5'5" F 150lbs ballpark…
  • If you're making a point to eat more dairy in your diet it's one of the leading causes of acne. For me curing what was extreme acne was as simple as going dairy free or at least reducing my dairy intake.
  • In the parents line picking up their kids I want to be one of the attractive moms that still has it even though I'm almost 30 with a 9yr old daughter.
  • When I ramped up my exercise and lowered my calories it took me 3 weeks before I began losing weight normally.
  • So are you eating 1500 without eating back exercise calories? Because if you eat 1500+ 400 exercise calories in most cases for your height that's maintenance calories even with exercise. I plateaued for nearly 2 years by eating back my exercise at 5'5". If I drop to 1500calories and don't eat back exercise calories I begin…
  • With exercise I tell myself I'll shorten the walk to about 50% if I'm unable to keep it up. I don't actually end up working out less once I start I'm able to complete unless I'm very sick. With food I struggle. Right now I'm just telling myself that's my real battle not a workout. I have begun drinking tea which really…
  • 5 lbs beneath my goal weight is usually my preference. So say I want to be my idea of the perfect weight. I would prefer to weight that at night so I need wiggle room from morning to evening or it's not possible. I don't want to barely touch down at my goal weight once per day and struggle to keep it I want to firmly live…
  • First off building your legs takes time and a lot of effort. It will probably take somewhere around 6 months to see the type of results you're looking for in that alone. First my advice is be realistic about how much you can do right now. A lot of people overshoot and can't sustain leg building exercises. I have seen the…
  • Yes I have heel, arch and ankle pain daily in my right foot. I use a foot brace, muscle rub and stretches.
  • My arch and ankle got injured by a 5 mile walk in ill fitting shoes. It's been months and while I started wearing different shoes the injury is still here despite an arch and ankle brace, massager and stretches. I'm thinking I may actually need an evaluation.
  • I save my days off for injury or illness. I walk in place while watching TV on some of my days off too so I prefer to stay active rest day over full blown rest day.
  • I plateaued when I used Fitbit and ate back my exercise calories for 2 years. What I found was that to lose weight I had to up my daily calories while active to 1700 and not eat back exercise calories. I think that's why so many people say only eat back 25% of what Fitbit gives you.
  • Well find exercise you enjoy. Roller skating, swimming, kayaking and walking can all be exercise or ways to have a lot of fun. Personally I really crave enjoyable fitness. When it comes to losing fat though my diet is more important. I will never outrun my fork but I'm surprisingly fit under my chub.
  • My daughter is dairy intolerant which is a step above just lactose intolerant however no goat cheese causes her problems. Its something worth trying IMO.
  • First things first start logging your food and eat in a deficit while also doing your normal work routine for about 2 weeks. That should help you regain some of your activity. Then once existing isn't kicking your but you can worry about increasing activity.
  • In answer to the question about my dad: He's currently stable. It's early to tell how he's going to recover from the right leg blood clot and infection. We made progress in that he's no longer reacting to the blood thinner he's on and he's on antibiotics. The leg, ankle and foot appear to be less swollen in the bottom but…
  • Yes please, as of yesterday I'm back full force.
  • I would use this if I had the skills to build it.
  • My weigh in is 144.4lbs which has stayed the same for about 2 weeks give or take. My steps are 16,287. My water intake was 2liters and I did manage to eat within my deficit.
  • My steps were 4,645 My food was shyte tomorrow is a new day. My epic return got set back 1 day because my dad needed to get antibiotics today unexpectedly so we spent a lot of the day at the doctor's and commuting. All in all things are looking good.
  • This is an insightful question and videoing a nights sleep will difinititivly answer that.
  • Is your scale broken? So sometimes low battery or a worn out scale get stuck at or near the last number before things went wonky with their inner working. Let me also add I rarely see a scale drop no matter how little I eat for roughly 3 weeks after I start exercising. My suggestion is that you take body measurements…
  • Congradulations and welcome to the 200lb club. You have done an amazing job staying consistent and we're all really proud of you!🤩HAPPY BIRTHDAY🥳
  • Yes I'm still with you. I just had a rough low step week. On our hot day I couldn't walk, I injured my foot wearing sandals, I missed a day because my cousin in law was giving birth to my nephew and because I didn't go to sleep(her labor was induced and lasted about 24hours) I chose to skip the following day because I felt…
  • PW- 146.4 CW-144.4 I'm glad I'm starting to get back on track. I think my original goal might have been to aggressive so for July I just want to get to 140.0lbs or lower not necessarily 7lbs down. My goal being 130.0lbs makes it kind of impractical for me to be so aggressive at this point. A lot of the time now I'm…
  • Houses rarely stay empty. They may renovate and sell or rent it out. There is also the possibility of transient people or mischievous teens breaking in because it's uninhabited. That being said in my experience most people who hallucinate like my closest sibling and a few friends I know with schizophrenia or other mental…
  • 18,217 steps today. Most of our town including stores don't have AC so I did at least 50% indoors. I may skip tomorrow which is expected to be 112° no AC. It's cooler earlier but with the heat I'm struggling to sleep until the temp finally drops later in the night and I'm sleeping in. I drank 3liters of water maybe more…
  • You're welcome. After my short vacation in ocean shores we returned to a major heatwave WA temps here are 100° F most of the day where I'm at so I haven't been as chatty as usual. I'm trying to eat right and get those steps in but man it's hard with the wheather.