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  • i do beef jerky or protein bars as a high protein low/moderate calorie snack.
  • the key to a lean bulk is to take in a surplus of CLEAN calories. that mean you should focus on having most or all of your extra calories in the form of protein. protein powder is going to be the easiest way to add a lot of protein to your diet. food wise my main protien is eggs. in the warm months i do egg whites to lower…
  • my sister who has always been a little overweight commented on a shirt i was wearing. she said it looked like i was showing off because you could see my shape. it was a size large average (not tight) fitting tee shirt. i asked her why she thought that it was showing off. she said it was because men normally wear looser…
  • i have a creepy little man butt. i work my legs and stay in pretty good shape but my butt never improves. its not saggy its just so tiny. my wife asks what i sit on. i started doing glute specific work on leg day. we will see what we get.
  • i weigh every saturday. im more interested in the weight trend than the actual number. i do have a goal weight of course and im only 4lbs off of that right now. however as long as my weight is going down by any amount i feel like im on track and can rely more on the mirror.
  • That's awesome! We are all just people. We won't be anywhere near perfect. Consistency is the key to weight loss success. Great loss dude. You got this!!
  • if you play a sport or have a job that requires pushing than benching is functional. i do not flat bench. the majority of my chest work is inclined.
  • i tried online for a while. i was honest but tried to make sure it was polite and in good taste. i dont see the issue in stating a deal breaker as long as your not a jerk about it.
  • i work in a pharmacy. i have performed hundreds of tests and given hundreds of vaccines including 12 year old an up. today we started giving the third shot to immunosuppressed/compromised patients. i have personally witnessed one person out of hundreds getting ill from getting the vaccine (johns&johnson). she got sick to…
  • playing music on your phone without headphones. i dont need to hear your crap over my headphones.
  • you can buy calipers at a very reasonable price and get an actual measurement. they are easy to use. my guess based on your pics is between 13%-15%.
  • i had a stroke in 2011. it killed me. 6 minutes and 23 seconds i was down. im back but a lot of what made me, me didnt come back. it took almost a year before i could function anywhere near normal. i had panic attacks, i got lost in familiar places. i even tried to kill myself once after deciding that i wasnt going to live…
  • shoveled my driveway of a foot of snow. i dont know how many calories it burns but it has to be a lot.
  • i work in a pharmacy and i see this all the time. phentermine is not a magic pill. most people who get on it dont lose any weight because they think they can eat and drink whatever they want and still drop weight. its a tool. it will help you on your way to your goals but you have to do everything else as well. get the…
  • when i started getting my annual cut together i was at 204lbs. i had ab shadows and figured i needed to loose about 10lbs to be "cut". however like all men i was hiding a lot of fat around my organs. im down like 12lbs and while im tight im not "there" yet. takes more than we think.
  • this is the perfect time of year to start a goal like this. winter is here and it gives you something to do in the cold. i dropped 26lbs in the last 7 weeks. its more about consistency than anything else. make a plan and tick with it. real loss takes time. if you lose it to fast it WILL come back. you got this.
  • watch your diet and do what you can at home. if its warm enough get outside and run.
  • the gyms here were shut for 41 days. i decided that i would use that time to let my body rest. i stopped taking all my supplements and relaxed my diet. i didnt gain any real weight but i did loose 90% of my muscle tone. that upset me as it was hard earned. i have spent the last two and a half months trying to get it back.…
  • when i see a person who is over weight i immediately see them as being weak willed and lazy even though i know thats not always the case. no one would choose to be heavy when it is socially unattractive and doesn't feel well. while i was never obese i was heavy enough to be sporting a double chin and i disliked everything…
  • after the month off when my gym was closed i needed to get my shape back. i didn't really gain weight but i lost most of my definition. I went on a pretty good but for 3 weeks. at 3 weeks i made good progress and decided to keep going. i think im on week 7 now. ive decided that im going to just keep slow cutting over the…
  • you bf ratio is higher than it needs to be to have visible abs. so keep working the abs and start dropping you bf. you got this dude.
  • probably a little of both. your a little weak shes a little strong. if your ego is hurt do parallel bar dips. you should be better at them since most females lack overall upper body strength. if shes better than you at the bar dips then the answer is yes shes stronger than you. dont forget what they say. a good man is hard…
  • planks are great.
  • ive been on a 5 week cut. i was planning on just doing a couple of weeks to get on top of my covid gut. the gym shut down and i decided it was a good time for a total body rest. the weight crept up and after 40 days i was over it. im doing well and looking pretty good. this is the time of year i would normally transition…
  • my gym opened a few weeks ago. i work out very early in the morning and thought it would be safer at 445am then at 5pm when they have their after work rush. the gym has a mask rule but its the dumbest thing ive heard in a long time. you have to have a mask on the enter the lobby area but once you are in the weight room you…
  • i increased my protein intake. my strength and muscle size blew up almost overnight.
  • I did a really good cut 3 years ago. what I learned was that I didn't have the muscular base to look lean. I just looked skinny. I went back to lifting heavy and a year later cut again with much better results. work on your muscular base. even with some extra body fat you will see larger muscles poking out. you got this…
  • in November I maxed with a clean 310lb single at a body weight of 196lbs. I felt great about that. in December I hurt my shoulder working in my garage and didn't bench for 8 months. last week I benched for the first time. I only went to 185lbs to get the feel again. im not sure how I will progress but im going to slowly…
  • Breath with me by prodigy. I like the glitch mob remix. Gets me pumped
  • yesterday it was "breath" remix by the glitch mob. got me pumped.