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  • She's a GP, my midwife (who I see for well woman care), thinks lifting is great, especially since both my mother and grandmother have osteoporosis. My gut tells me that she's got her own personal image issues, since she immediately focused on looks rather than actual health or fitness.
  • BTW, thanks for the support everyone. I've worked so hard over the last year to get strong, and I have, and I continue to, and a lot of that is because I can lurk here in the forums and get inspiration and advice. I never would have started lifting if it weren't for the people here, and it's changed my life.
  • She never asked me what my fitness goals were, and when I tried to explain to her that I enjoyed lifting, she said there was no reason to and then dismissively said "unless you want to get super strong or something". I get that most women want to be thin, and for them that means just thin, not fit, but I like seeing my…
  • I feel like even though she might be a competent physician in other respects, I just won't be able to trust her going forward, because everything she said was so ridiculous. She said running was good for losing weight because it gave you a lean look, and she said just look at the olympics, runners a very thin and lean and…
  • I always thought it was important to hit on flexibility, strength, and endurance in your workout routine. If your goal is overall health and fitness, then cardio definitely has a place in your routine. It's about balance.
  • I do 40 minutes/9 miles on my bike daily, as well as 30 minutes of yoga daily. I also work on my arms twice a week, and my legs/butt once a week.
  • I do yoga every day. I'll be 40 in a few weeks, and I've gained so much strength and flexibility from my practice. I follow Yoga with Adriene on youtube. I don't really have the money or the time to go to classes.
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  • I love Yoga With Adriene on youtube. She's got some beginner videos, and lots that you can work up to. She's also really good at offering modifications for those who are starting out or are less flexible.
  • I do 30-45 minutes daily on my stationary bike. I also do about 30 minutes of yoga daily. I've recently added a weekly arm workout as well.
  • There's nothing wrong with wanting to eat a low fat/low sodium diet, but this is also your thing, not theirs. If I'm not sure that there will be something that I can/want to eat, I bring a dish to pass that I know fits within my own nutrition parameters. I've been on a variety of diets in the past, both for weight loss,…
  • I have the same problem, but my calves are bigger than average because they're so muscular. I've made my peace with never being able to fit into taller boots.
  • I just take 2 days off, for the worst days. If I'm feeling that terrible, I'm not going to compound it by working out. Sometimes you just need to be gentle with yourself. It's a good reason for a little break.
  • I make a lot of the same foods that I made before, but I simply eliminate a lot of the fat, so no more butter, OO spray for sauteing not OO, very little cheese, etc. It's easy to modify most recipes, unless they're cheese based, or fried. My kids and husband can always add butter and cheese, or whatever they want to what I…
  • I love La Croix flavored soda water. They have a nice variety. As for wine and other alcohol, I just stopped all together. Not worth the extra calories.
  • I agree with this completely. I feel like the calorie burn numbers are accurate for me, but I'm also accurately logging my exercise. I make sure to check my heart rate when I cycle, so that I'm actually hitting 140+ and logging as such.
  • I love Skinny Cow chocolate truffle bars. They're really tasty, and only have 100 calories, with 2.5 grams of fat.
  • For me personally, I find that even if I restrict calories, unless I'm also working out, weight loss is slow and minimal. What amount of calories does MFP recommend for you?
  • This thread is really encouraging. It helps to hear that other people are struggling with things I can do, and yet are able to do things I can't. It just shows how different all of our bodies are, and that success isn't measured by just one pose.
  • I'm struggling with the lack of flexibility that I have in my elbows. It's really frustrating. Everything else seems to be improving with every practice. I'm looking forward to being able to get into better poses as I love my belly fat. It gets in the way sometimes.