Tell me about your exercise routine



  • soufauxgirl
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    M W F - run for 30-35 mins or more (time or weather permitting)
    T T - 30 mins weight lifting
    S S - active rest days - usually involves very long walks (1 hour plus)

    I feel crotchety and blah if I don't engage in a daily activity of some kind, and I love the refreshed and energized feeling after a good workout.
  • trudie_b
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    I workout 6-7 days a week, 45-60 minutes a day. Four days it's lifting weights at the gym, that's non-negotiable. Twice a week I do HIIT on a rebounder (mini trampoline). And the other day I use a recumbent exercise bike (I'm on it now!), do Pilates, or if I'm very very tired, have a rest day.
  • Sumiblue
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    I do a 4 day split lifting program and a day of Glutes work on Fridays. 30 minutes of light cardio 5x week and some walking or maybe snowshoeing, like today.
  • Leadfoot_Lewis
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    Here's a cut/paste of what my workout week looks like:

    SUNDAY - Upper Body
    MONDAY - Squats & Calves (AM) + Spin Class (PM)
    TUESDAY - Arms + Abs
    WEDNESDAY - Legs
    THURSDAY - Off
    FRIDAY - Upper Body + Abs
    SATURDAY - Spin Class (AM) + Legs (PM)
  • amers271
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    I'm doing P90X3 currently - which is every day for 30 minutes (though one day is a "rest").

    I also go to a yoga studio on occasion (less than once a week, lol), and my husband and I just signed up for two lindy hop (aka swing dance) classes once a week with a social dance after. For anyone who doesn't know... lindy hop is a very active dance. Now that we're doing that I have to up my calories on Tuesdays so I wake up on Wednesday ready for more P90X3!

    I also have a 10-15 minute light yoga and stretching routine that I do every night that I find helps me fall asleep faster.
  • Ninjaeema
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    I do 30-45 minutes daily on my stationary bike. I also do about 30 minutes of yoga daily. I've recently added a weekly arm workout as well.
  • dcresider
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    I'm on a winter schedule right now meaning I haven't done any outdoor activities in a few months. This is my exercise routine each week:

    Monday: Weight training with 30 minute run
    Tuesday: Run 45 minutes
    Wednesday: Weight Training
    Thursday: Run 45 minutes
    Friday: Weight Training and Abs
    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: 2 hour swing dance/lindy hop lessons

    Summer: usually train for a half marathon and commute to work by bike.
  • mafhoney
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    I do OrangeTheory classes 4-5 days a week (usually 5 if I have the time). During the winter/spring I have one rest day, and the day I'm not at OTF we're snowboarding. In the summer and fall that day is taken up by hiking. No other gym stuff or workouts outside of those.
  • __TMac__
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    MWF: Indoor rowing, a planned mix of intervals and steady state. 45m.
    TTh: Treadmill (run, walk, or intervals) or bike. 45m.
    Sa: Lifting & yoga. 45m.
    Su: Rest/Band practice. 3h. (I play drums so it's really an arm and core workout.)

    If I'm feeling really fatigued or sore, I'll change the workout to an easy day with additional stretching.
  • peaceout_aly
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    cldale0728 wrote: »
    How do y'all so y'alls workouts? Daily or every other day? I've been trying to about 20 mins daily. But yesterday I did a lot of leg and core workouts so I'm cramping. Would it be good to still do a little today? Just not as much leg stuff or stay at the same exercise? I don't wanna fatigue my body.

    Sometimes going and just doing cardio or stretching, or even bodyweight work helps to alleviate the tightness and soreness by reducing lactic acid build up.

    I go 5-6 x a week for 60-90 minutes and lift heavy the entire time with little to no cardio. I jumped into this and was tired at first, but your body adjusts. I am on a 4 day circuit which is as follows:
    Heavy legs (squats, leg press, quad and ham extensions along with burn outs of low-weight accessory work)
    Arms and abs
    Power legs (thrusts, cable variations, barbell work including deadlifts and additional dumbbell accessory work and band burn outs)
    Back and abs

  • 0ssum_Bl0ss0m
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    Gym five days a week. Two days weights/HIIT, one day steady cardio, two days weights/HIIT. I change it up weekly though so I am not always doing so much HIIT.
  • ColoradoChlo
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    I workout daily. I actually rarely take off days, unless I have to. (Some people don't suggest that ;) )

    I lift weights and since I'm currently bulking, I lift very heavy. I have a chest/tricep, back/bicep, leg, shoulder routine that switches each day.

    I do cardio every day that I want to... I'd say about 5 times a week. The stairmaster is my best friend. All it takes is about 10-15 minute at the end of my workout (after lifting).

    When I cut, the cardio will be higher and more consistent. :) Right now, I'm more focused on my lifting and eating!
  • Savagedistraction
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    Sprints/plyos/heavy bag work 3xwk
    Brazilian jiu jitsu 3-4 times a week (6 hours a week average)
    Muay Thai kickboxing 4 days a week (hour each class)
    Weight training 3 times a week.
    Sundays off
  • JonDrees
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    I try to get in 2-3 days of lifting around 20-30 minutes at a time, then 1-3 days of cardio for 10-20 minutes at a time.
  • TR0berts
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    4x per week: I pick thins up and put them down.
    2x per week: I ride my stationary bike.

    When it's not snowy/icy outside - like it is now - I walk 1-1.5 miles at lunch up to 5x per week.
  • fivestarsw
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    4 to 5 times a week I do 30 minutes high intensity with BJ gaddour's metashred program.
    1 or 2 days I will go cycling either on my stationary bike or Outdoors.
    My Saturday ride is usually like 3 hours for about sixty miles.
  • ajwcyclist2016
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    Gym usually twice a week or maybe 3 times then cycling turbo doing intervals, weekends cycling 2 plus and Sunday cycle for 4-5 hours. Sometimes I'll have a double session of gym in the morning and cycling for 1 hour to 90 minutes around about 10 hours train or more
  • cerise_noir
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    So far, M, W, F stronglifts and T, T, S 1hr walk. Eventually working my way up to adding 5k jogging after lifting on M, W, F.
  • kiki32782
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    I do every other day and one muscle group at a time. Found that toning exercises work better for me than a ton of cardio too. So..most of my routine is focuse on a cardio warmup and the majority is toning