Time of the month question for ladies

I just started this weightloss journey a few weeks ago and I'm really anxious about getting my period because I know I won't be able to do the workout I normally do. How do you all deal with it? Any suggestions?
(I know some people can deal with this easier but I've always had a lot of pain. :/)


  • Machka9
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    Do a lighter workout on your heaviest days.

    Those are the days I'll go for a 5 km walk or easy 20 km bicycle ride instead of something strenuous.
  • ChubRub93
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    My first kickboxing class was also the 2nd day of my period- which is always my heaviest and most crampy day. I was uber paranoid (due to a lady time accident when I was thirteen at cheerleading practice that scared me for life probs) about leakage and not being able to participate fully, but it really wasn't a problem. I wasn't in any pain (partly due to the four ibuprofen I'd popped and partly due to the immense pain the rest of my body was in). I have terrible periods (the kind that get you put on iron pills and monitered by your doctor) that always hurt endlessly and last forever, but that dumb saying that exercise soothes period cramps is actually true, at least for me.
  • missmaliak
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    I do yoga or some stretching and a long walk! Maybe take some Advil before you begin your workout!
  • thatATLgirl
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    Yep- I just go for a walk-- make sure to not get overheated, and don't worry too much about it. And stretching is good.
  • kristenmeleniak
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    I appreciate your answers :)
  • noclady1995
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    I usually have 2 heavy days during my cycle, and I usually just take those days off. On the other days where it might be more medium, I just go by how I feel. I feel like the rest of the month I workout pretty hard, so I don't sweat it if I don't work out that much one week of the month.
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    Would taking a painkiller like midol help? Or is it really bad?

    I don't generally get really painful cramps or anything so I do continue with my usual workout. But if I were in the boat of 'need to stay in bed with a heating pad because it hurts so much', I would definitely sit out the painful days.

    Maybe if your hormones are going cray cray, eat at maintenance during that time, so you don't blow your deficit but you get more food.
  • deluxmary2000
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    Is there any particular reason you can't do your normal workout? I get hellacious periods, but for the worst 2 days I just pop some painkillers, double up on "protection", and do it anyway.
  • CindyFooWho
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    I don't have to work out EVERY day. If I feel really bad for any reason, I just don't. Honestly.... I'm not going to become a big, lazy, unfit blob by missing a day, 2 days, or even more of working out.
  • Ninjaeema
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    I just take 2 days off, for the worst days. If I'm feeling that terrible, I'm not going to compound it by working out. Sometimes you just need to be gentle with yourself. It's a good reason for a little break.
  • Quasita
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    Me, I find that if I do an exercise that engages the muscles around the uterus, it tends to feel better. I have scar tissue and stuff from previous surgeries, and part of my uterus was cut off and cauterized, so cramps are... shall we say... like knives and ripping... but increasing the muscles' blood flow around the area and thus, more natural painkiller, helps. Generally, you won't always be able to work out anyway, and it's good to have rest days anyway, so if you feel compelled to take a rest day during this time, I don't see a problem, but if we're talking like, being down for the count for 5+ days then it might be more a question of, when do you see a doctor?
  • adriennevy
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    Exercise is actually supposed to help alleviate period pain. If anything, it can help keep your mind off of it! I doubt it will make it worse.
  • rsnodgrass1128
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    I agree with Quasita. Working out actually tends to make me feel better, though it's hard to get motivated to do something fast-paced. The yoga program I'm doing right now helps me get in a solid work out without sweating a ton...because then you've got a bad combination of sweat, bloating, exhaustion, and pain :) and nobody wants that.
  • FaeryChaos
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    I still exercise, with heavy days (I make sure I'm wear a Diva Cup) and take an advil and do a shorter workout than typical. I always end up feeling better afterwards.
  • SylviazSpirit
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    To be completely honest, I rarely work out when it is that time of the month. I have no energy, and feel awful! Luckily, I have a really long cycle so it doesn't interfere as much as someone who might have a much shorter cycle. If I do anything it is yoga, or walking, dancing... something low impact. But, I work out every day when it isn't my time so I figure those few days off aren't going to break me. Life happens. Do what works for you :)
  • RhapsodyWinters
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    I was confused why it would affect anything, but then I remembered that most other women actually have menstrual cramps. I just have never had them. I use sport tampons, and my normal workouts aren't too intense anyway. Strength + cardio days last about 40min to an hour, and cardio days last about 40 minutes
  • daweasel
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    I just push through it and usually feel better for it. I usually tell myself I'll just go for a jog or cruise on the bike and see how I feel, but generally I feel much better once I start and end up doing whatever I normally would.

    I have incredibly, occasionally concerningly, heavy periods because I use a copper IUD (medical reasons mean I can't use anything hormonal), which also makes it very painful (there are days I'll be literally curled up on the floor crying). I also have stomach issues which mean I can't take most of the painkillers they recommend, only paracetamol.

    Even so, I find getting moving makes me feel better. Just do what you can :) try a walk or something light, if it feels okay try something a bit harder. If your normal run is more of a jog or a walk who cares? A big part of this is forming the habit.

    I think actually I find the few days before more difficult, and reading about it it's not uncommon. Something to do with your body preferring to run off sugar than fat depending on relative levels of hormones, I find in the few days before my period I have to drastically up my carbs (not sugary crap, just carbs in general. Bread, rice, potatoes, fruit, etc) and I have to fuel so much more during a longer or harder workout, and at high intensity I feel generally flat and struggle to push. Probably day 2 onwards I feel so much better in that regard, but it's a tradeoff with the pain and more general lethargy that comes with it.

    Joys of being female, eh?
  • stephkd7
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    I usually do a normal workout. Whether I have my period or not, if I'm not feeling it I'll take a rest day, though. It's important that you never force yourself so you can enjoy your workouts. I have found that immediately after exercise I typically feel better when on my period, and also in general as I've lost weight and become more physically fit my period affects me less.

    On a side note, since you said you're new to all this, I wanted to mention (and not sure if this is the same for everyone), watch your weight on your period, and don't get discouraged if it goes up. For me, the day before, and then the first 2-3 days my weight always goes up like 2-3 pounds. By the time I'm close to the end of my cycle (it's usually about 6-7 days for me, so days 5-7), my weight is back to normal. When I first started out I would get really discouraged. Once I realized the pattern, I quit weighing myself at the start of my periods. I haven't really looked into it, but I think it's probably water retention.
  • stealthq
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    I just go and workout anyway. As it happens, I seem to be strongest on those days and it's not unusual for me to break through a lifting stall and finally manage to get more reps or add more weight.