Help kicking the wine and fizzy drinks

Over the summer I have noticed the frequency I drink wine and fizzy drinks went from weekends to pretty much everyday. I don't always drink to get drunk but love a glass of wine (or 2) after tea in the evenings. My fizzy drink of choice is pepsi max and I never understood people when they said diet fizzy make you hungry, but have definitely found my snacking has increased over this summer. Not surprisingly I have put on weight over the summer. I am now trying to shift the lbs and have given up the week night drinks and cut out the pepsi but I'm finding I'm not really drinking anything. I enjoy coffee but don't really drink that in the afternoon or later as it keeps me awake at night. I really don't like water and find juices and squashes too sweet. So does anyone have any tips or suggestions, or do I just man up and drink water. Thanks for reading


  • extra_medium
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    I started drinking flavored sparkling water, which is a nice substitute when you need some of that fizz up in ya.
  • TavistockToad
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    Pepsi max is pretty much calorie free so it's the wine and snacks that you want to look at
  • Ninjaeema
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    I love La Croix flavored soda water. They have a nice variety. As for wine and other alcohol, I just stopped all together. Not worth the extra calories.
  • tequila5000
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    One of my favorite things to drink other than water is cold herbal tea. There are so many good flavors. Mint, peach, hibiscus...the list goes on and on. you can drink it unsweetened or add a little sweetener according to your taste.
  • shellyae
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    VitaminWaterZero - it uses stevia as the sweetener so it doesn't have that "diet" taste.
  • cwolfman13
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    I drink a lot of fizzy water...sometimes flavored, sometimes not. Sometimes we also mix a little cocktail mixer with plain fizzy water and make a mocktail.
  • jkr1000
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I have totally cut the week day wine, it's white I drink unfortuately, so I do need an evening substitute. Never tried fizzy water, so will give that a go and I always forget herbal tea, I do love lemon and ginger, might try them cold.