Bad Advice?

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So I saw my new doc today for the first time, and I talked to her about my workouts. She seemed pretty horrified that I was lifting weights, and told me that I should avoid heavy weights, just increase reps, and ideally not lift at all and just do cardio, so that I will lose weight. She had no medical reasoning for any of this, she just said that she always gives that advice to women so that they don't end up bulky.

Anyway, I do a vigorous 40 minutes on my bike daily, and HIIT with weights about 4x a week for 30-40 minutes, and I also do yoga 3-4x per week. I feel like this is a really balanced schedule for me, and I feel great doing it. She said I should start running instead. I'm pretty sure my face wasn't hiding any of my skepticism.

I should add that my old doc thought it was great that I was so active and said that lifting is actually really good for women, but unfortunately he's moved, which is why I saw this new doc.


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    New doc is a fool. I'm embarrassed for her.
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    Get a new doctor. Run if one cannot give any medical backing to any claim they are making.

    I just know that I’d be nervous around a doctor that thinks it’s medically responsible to make a claim that they cannot back up with facts.
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    I would definitely find another Dr. Did she even ask you what your overall fitness goals are?
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    She never asked me what my fitness goals were, and when I tried to explain to her that I enjoyed lifting, she said there was no reason to and then dismissively said "unless you want to get super strong or something". I get that most women want to be thin, and for them that means just thin, not fit, but I like seeing my muscles pop. She also told me never up the weight I was lifting, just increase the reps. Literally everything she told me was wrong.
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    Your doctor is very misinformed..


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    i wouldn't be able to trust her after that. honestly doctors are usually only accurate with specific things, that is why there are so many specialists, like nutritionist, gyn/ob , allergist... etc. i would try to find another doctor t hough, your doc doesn't sound like they are very knowledgeable. when i was pregnant they suggested that i use the elliptical each day to help keep my muscles strong. each time i go to the doctor they tell me how muscles are important and exercise helps with it.
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    It is pretty common for physicians to understand very little about exercise science or nutrition. It isn't their fault per se, it is simply not their main focus, and to keep up with all the the changing research would be nearly impossible for them.

    I wouldn't fire my doctor for this, but I wouldn't use her as a resource for these types of questions.

    Check out out Jordan Hasay. She is an accomplished marathoner who strength trains like a beast. A great example of how there is room for both cardio and strength.
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    yeah I would find another dr. weight lifting has helped with my RA so much to where so far I have not needed meds,and I am a smaller size at a heavier weight compared to before (before I got fat) and a lower weight.
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    Women don't get bulky unless they are dosing on testosterone or spend a lot of time lifting. But for weight loss cardio is more effective because it burns more calories.