Exercises to slim down calves?!



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    jemhh wrote: »
    Poor calves. When they're big, people want them smaller. When they're small, people want them bigger.

    the best thing I've heard today!! hahaaaaaaaa XD
  • runlikeagirl1985
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    Very much genetics. I don't lose much in my calves when I lose weight, but this is why someone invented "wide calf" boots lol My calves right now are 19" (the same size as some people's thighs!) and I have boots that go almost to my knee that even have a bit of room. Lose the weight you need to in order to be healthy, the fat will be lost randomly from all places since we can't spot reduce. Love yourself.
  • canadianlbs
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    in my case, lifting did change the shape of my calves and slim out my ankles. that was one of my biggest surprises, becasuse i never even thought to keep track of them.

    weight loss isn't the deal, in my case. i've gained back around 15 pounds since i first touched a barbell, and i seriously doubt that it's all muscle. in fact i know for a fact that it's not. as far as actually describing the change . . . well, it's more of a redistribution effect. the muscle bulk moved further up my calf and left a cleaner line from there down to my heels.

    i blame the back squats :D ankle dorsiflexion while maintaining steady tension under a load definitely stretches those muscles. and it's true you can't change the length of your tendons or muscle belly, but if you have muscle, it looks less dumpy and fire-hydrant-shaped if you remember to keep it all stretched out and smooth.
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    I had large calf over 16 inches. now I don't. I swam every day from may till Sept and lost 50 lbs. I wish the pounds came from my belly but almost all in my legs. I couldn't believe the difference. hope the next 50 comes off my middle.
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    I went shopping for a new pair of boots because since I've lost so much weight, the tops were HUGE on my old ones. Out of the entire section, only one pair fit nicely over my calves and didn't feel like rain boots. Everything was was wide, with options to make them wider. At least at DSW, everything is for a wider calf this year.
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    I have the same problem, but my calves are bigger than average because they're so muscular. I've made my peace with never being able to fit into taller boots.
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    Get on YouTube and look for Rebecca Louise
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    Agree with the others, but hey the positive of this is if you adopt a strength training program you won't have to hit calves as much as most people! I don't ever intentionally hit them but do a lot of compound lifts and mine are very much in proportion with the rest of my legs
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    I have big calves. They look fine in jeans.... I'll never have long lithe legs in shorts, but I've got used to them finally and appreciate them for what they can do nowadays. My calves can run for 90 minites, so I've learned to be proud of them.