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  • Welcome Jamie, I know what your going through. I was in a motorcycle accident 7 years ago and broke my fib/tib on my right leg. Now I have a titanium rod from the bottom of knee cap to my ankle. Blew up like a tick! Recently, I lost 44 pounds in 4 months. Good luck with your fitness goals.
  • It can be done. I lost my first 40 pounds in just over 4 months (Jan 3- April 9). It will take motivation, determination, self-discipline and most importantly calorie deficit with alot of exercise. Don't eat back your exercise calories; I don't and it was recommended by my doctor when losing weight. Don't let anyone tell…
  • Log every calorie you eat. You have to be at deficit to loose weight. I too love food and have found MPF works great keeping me on track. It might seem difficult at first, but it does get easier. Your body will adjust to the intake after some time. I have loss 27 pounds in 9 weeks by eating 2110 calories a day or less and…
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  • I have lost 23 pounds in 8 weeks
  • Charge 2 is good. Has settings for all different types of workouts; run, weights,treadmill, elliptical,bike,interval workout and workout as well as sleep pattern.
  • Matt, I have an entire cheat day and I have lost 17 pounds in 7 weeks. It is one day out of the week I get to eat what I miss out on during the week of clean eating. I don't eat back my exercise calories and most days i am usually 200 calories or more below my daily goal. It really comes down to your weekly calorie…
  • Hi Taime, you can add me if you like. I log every day..well except for cheat day lol, and you view my diary. I have lost 17 pounds in 7 weeks. I do some sort of cardio atleast 4 days a week and strength training 5 days a week. MPF is an awesome app, my suggestion is weigh or measure everything you eat and stay under your…
  • My doctor told me that I should not eat back my calories if my goal was to lose weight/body fat. Advised once I reach my goal, you can eat back those calories to maintain.
  • Delicious!
  • I agree with rebeccatackett. 5 or 6 small meals, eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours does work.
  • Jake, are you weighing everything? For me, I started on my journey on Jan 2 and I lost 12 pounds the first month; I started @ 274 pounds. My calorie intake is 2110 a day but I am always under, roughly 1700-1900. I avoid all deep fried foods and eat mostly chicken or turkey throughout the week. I weigh everything and log…
  • On Rest Days, I have to resist the urge to go to the gym
  • Since it is denser, muscle does weigh more than fat if you compare same-size portions. On average, the density of fat is 0.9 g/mL. The density of muscle is 1.1 g/mL. Using the averages, 1 liter of muscle weighs 1.06 kg, or 2.3 lbs., while 1 liter of fat weighs .9 kg, or 1.98 lbs.
  • Hi..I have lost 12 pounds and 3 inches off my waist in the first month. The key to success is how you keep track of your calorie intake. I weigh, portion and log every calorie. I walk 2.5 - 3 miles 3 times a week as well as strength training. I do have one day that I treat myself to those foods I don't eat during the week.…
  • Born and raised in Maine but migrated to South Carolina
  • I don't think Fitbit syncs with MyFitnessPal. I have to enter my exercise manually. MyFitnessPal does sync with MapMyFitness.
  • When I do cardio it's before I eat anything. When I lift I need to eat or have a protein shake about an hour before. If I still have energy after lifting I will usually do 20 mins of cardio after.
  • look amazing! Awesome job.
  • Awesome video. I hardly ever use my additional calories, maybe 1 or 2 days. Didn't realize I should use the extra. With a 2110 kcalorie intake, I am averaging about 1700-1800 a day. In my first 3 weeks I am down 6.2 pounds and feel great and I have had compliments on the loss of overall body fat loss. I guess I would need…
  • Welcome Richard. I too am an old guy of 53. Congrats on your 25 pound loss! My goal is 50 by Myrtle Beach Bike week in May. 44 more to go!
  • Welcome Scott. My recommendation to you is to weigh your portions and log every calorie. I consume 1600-2000 calories a day, 5 -6 small meals. I have been doing this for 23 days now and feel great. When I started I weighed 274 and after 3 weeks I was down 6.2 pounds. I am walking 2 - 2 1/2 miles 4 times a week and doing 3…
  • I rode the stationary bike today and mine was an exact match
  • How accurate is the Fitbit when doing strength training? This week I lifted for 51 minutes and my fitbit showed I burned 465 calories in 53 minutes. Seems high. I did do 6 sets of each muscle group; chest, shoulders, back, biceps and triceps.
  • My goal is 50 pounds by Bike Week at end of May. I have already lost my first 8 pounds in 9 days!
  • Originally from Maine...moved to Charleston, SC 8 1/2 years ago so I can ride more than 3 months!
  • I wish that is all I had lose :/ ...You can do it..discipline and self control
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  • How many meals are you consuming through out the day?
  • Hi Sue, totally agree with suruda, I weigh everything, except protein bars or single item consumables that have a bar code. I have lost 7.8 pounds in my first 9 days by keeping track of my calorie intake (2110 or less) and keep up with regular cardio and strength training. Good luck.
  • Hi everyone, I'm in! My goal is to lose 50 pounds by June 1st, although hoping to before Myrtle Beach Bike Week. I have lost 7.8 pounds in the first 9 days of my journey. Let's kill this together.