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  • I do some classes but like you said it's not going to build substantial muscle. If we do use dumbells, Kettlebell or barbell they are very low weight very high reps in a time limit. It almost feels like cardio and you just end up fatiguing because of the high intensity. If I was to use the same weight when lifting I…
  • I want to build on my legs, back and upper arms mainly.
  • Thanks guys for the great advice guys! Tonight I did lat pull downs, shoulder press, hammer curls, the rope cable thing you pull down for triceps. I also did leg press and kettle bell squats. I did do cable row as well but I was waiting for another machine. I didn't get to do deadlift due to the gym being busy. I will drop…
  • I think it's a good idea getting some tricep work in there thanks. I was doing chest press on the machine but due to an old injury the movement is painful. But good idea with the triceps. If you feel it is a good list then I will do it. I just don't want to go to the gym and people think that my workout makes no sense!…
  • when my profile is set to lightly active, my goal is 1600 but, when my profile is set at active I get 1800 calories. If I get 200 extra calories from my fitbit. On slightly active I will get to eat 1800 calories but, on active I would get to eat 2000 with the exercise calories included. So I was just wondering if I could…
  • Right okay I'll have to leave it to lightly active then. Yes 1650ish is what MFP provides me and then whatever exercise I have done my fitbit send to MFP and it adjust accordingly. I was just hoping I could get more calories as I do like my food lol!
  • No you are right! It doesn't matter! I had a brilliant day, it challenged me physically and mentally. I experienced some of the most beautiful views in the world in my opinion and I can genuinely say I'm proud of myself! Thank you!
  • Thanks for all the information guys! I find very interesting on how the body work in relation to diet and exercise. It's nice to get a good understanding
  • Okay I understand I may be burning more but 2800 is a lot and I'm sure I'm eaten more! I always eat my calories back all of them! Yet I see people advising people only eat 25 to 50% of them. I really don't feel like I'm exercising that much lol!
  • Thanks guys that is really helpful! I'm always like blooming hell when the fitbit updates myfitbesspal. The last thing you want to do is drink 3 shakes or piles of chicken with greek Yoghurt when you are stuffed. Can only just fit in my Ganache! 😉😄😂😂
  • Thanks guys!!
  • Thank you! I've never been called inspiring before! So lovely of you! Keep at it and you will shock yourself! I really surprised myself doing 20 mins and the feeling you get when you have completed it is amazing! I can only imagine how I will feel when I complete the programme. I will try slow down next on my next run and…
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  • Thanks guy! You are right I shouldn't let it pull me down from my 20 min run. I'm sure you understand the sense of achievement you have when you complete that run! I couldn't believe I had done it and I was nervous about it as it felt like such a big jump!
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  • That is very true! And with society today is very real, especially with social media. I have seen a few post recently of " Not before, Not after" pics showing the same body in different poses that look as if they have lost weight. But majority are before and after pics stating if you follow this and that you'll be the…
  • I think it's madness how the mind works and I also think it can depend on your outlook that day/week. I definitely go threw phases of being like what's the point to wow you are doing great. This week has definitely been one of them even when you see the scale. I have noticed this week how much easier shaving has gotten…
  • Sometimes I look in the mirror and think I am Exactly the same and recently its been more times than not I don't think I have changed. I wish I had measured from the very start, would of been better. I use scales and progress pictures, but don't really take them incase I can't see any progress. Weight loss is such a…
  • I will look at the calories and actual intake. At the moment all I have been looking at is making sure I eat my 5 a day, which is what they push for in England. (I do realise its meant to be10) and make sure I get protein. I read a lot of post on here and do see a lot of people eating 1500 to 1800kcal or people who have…
  • I just feel that I'm not doing anything unsafe. I definitely don't feel like I'm starving myself and I always eat when I'm actually hungry. I am going to adjust my calories accordingly, but I like you do feel like it has just dropped off, without being too extreme. But I will definitely take in the advice
  • Thanks for everyone's advise
  • I am so sorry. It looks as if you've put a lot of effort in to try help, but you have confused the hell out of me. My little brain does not understand what you are saying lol 😥
  • I'm more than likely binging because of the wine I drink the night before. Which I probably shouldn't be drinking so excessively, but I'm going to tackle that at a later date. Once I get a less stressful job lol. And as others have said probably a spike hence the hunger
  • Maybe that was the confusion as I was posting more for an explanation on why the body may do this rather than suggestions to stop it. Apologies
  • Well whatever people may think. Whatever is wrong or right. To me the spike in blood sugar makes the most sense. I like my "diet" I eat what I want each day and still have things which are high calorie. I don't feel like I'm starving myself and like said the only time I have significant hunger is when I've "binged" the day…
  • Why isn't it working for me? I'm losing at a safe rate https://www.livestrong.com/article/457829-is-3-lbs-per-week-weight-loss-healthy/ I eat decent foods and meals everyday and I go over my calories occasionally. I don't know what the problem is..
  • The days I wake up hungry are the days after I've eaten loads. That was reason for the question as there is a pattern. And I do eat on these days. Just tend to eat around 1500-1900kcal which for me is a nice lunch and a big tea cos that is what I like
  • But I'm not losing faster than I expected? In my second month I'm losing under 2lbs a week. The max is 2lbs a week right for a healthy weightloss? In my first month yes it was a fairly drastic drop but there would of been other factors contributing to that and it wouldn't of been just fat loss. So over the course of 2…
  • That makes sense. Thanks