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Calorie intake

I went on a 16 mile hike today. I averaged 29 mins a mile, this includes breaks for snacks or pictures and overall I walked 20 miles. My total calorie intake for today has been 2500kcal. That is nearly 1000kcal over my limit, excluding exercise calories but, I know the exercise can be inaccurate. Will I be okay eating/drinking 2500kcal for today?


  • penguinmama87
    penguinmama87 Posts: 949 Member
    I can't say whether or not you ate at a surplus today for sure, but even if you did, it's habits that lead to weight loss or gain. You might lose a little less than expected this week depending on how the rest of the week goes, or the scale might stay put or go up due to water related to the hike or the extra intake. But overall? It really won't be a big deal at all.

    I hope you enjoyed the hike and got some lovely pictures! I love having days like that. :)
  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 6,732 Member
    Try it. And don't be shocked when the weight on the scale goes up. I find that prolonged exercise for me leads to likely water retention and minor constipation, both of which of course have weight. Added to that the weight of extra food. But I'm sure you know that these things are not bodyfat but temporary factors. Thus nothing to worry about.
  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 3,106 Member
    For an estimate of calories burned, I like this calculator: https://exrx.net/Calculators/WalkRunMETs
    Select net calories instread of gross.

    Aside from that, it's just one day AND, presuming you have MFP set up to lose weight, eating over your calorie allowance might still be below maintenance, depending on the weight loss rate you selected.

    I don't know how much you weigh, but 2500 sounds very reasonable with 20 miles of hiking, it's probably still below maintenance.