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  • Thank you for this. ❤️ I really needed this today.
  • It’s a full body workout that incorporates Pilates, ballet, and yoga. It’s low impact so it’s easy on the joints. I would dive in, because it requires a lot of focus and no one is watching you because they are focused on doing it correctly. It takes several classes to get in the swing of it because it moves quickly, but I…
  • I have been doing Pure Barre for about a year and half. You will see results if you take 3-4 classes a week. I lost 18 pounds in 5 months, but also ate in a deficit. I also gained a lot of lean mass. My BF% went from 25% to 22%. I dropped two dress sizes. I love the full body workout and the fact that they change it up all…
  • This is how it works for me. It reduces my appetite and makes it easy to stay in deficit. The earlier I eat the more I eat all day. I try to stay within a 15/8 window. Not always successful, but a noticeable decrease in appetite when I am.
  • I love Pure Barre. It’s the only exercise I do beyond an occasional hike. I’ve leaned out a lot, but I also changed my eating habits. In the first six months of barre and better eating habits I lost 18 pounds, and two dress sizes. I’m up 7lbs from last year but my measurements are an inch smaller all over from the same…
  • I always breakout with dairy. It stops relatively quickly after cutting it out of my diet. For example— I recently went on a Greek yogurt parfaits kick after avoiding dairy for years and started breaking out. As much I miss those parfaits I stopped getting new pimples within 48 hours of staying away from them.
  • Holy crap. Now I want a tummy tuck. Where you able to suck in before the tuck? I can’t suck mine in. ☹️
  • Age:48 BMI 24 BF% 22.24 Height/Weight: 5’6” 149lbs —Pre-TOM Number of Pregnancies: 3 -2 vaginal, 1 C-Section Flat Pelvis which I think effects my posture, also caused forcep delivery for baby #1 and suction cup delivery for #2, hence C-Section for #3 Primary form of exercise: barre classes Number of years doing…
  • I tried doing that and gained 5lbs. (This when I was 5lbs away from my goal weight.) I’m so pissed. Now I’m back to eliminating simple carbs. Like the other poster said it’s easier for me to just abstain. Otherwise I would cupcakes everyday— all day. 😂 Good for you though! Definitely easier to lose weight if you can do it…
  • Losrt 23lbs and I went down a band size but not a cup size. I did lose 2 inches around though. So went down in shirt size. I would love to lose another inch, but don’t see it happening.
  • I eat between 11am and 7pm. When you’re starting IF it really helps to stay hydrated — I drank a lot water initially and also black coffee and unsweetened green tea. I am still mindful to stay hydrated from the time I wake up to breaking my fast because I’m an early riser. I also found simple carbs made me hungrier faster…
  • Thank you, I think you nailed it. It was the white carbs I introduced. Once I started eating what you want but in deficit in combination of not weighing my food—it must have just been easier to eat more than I thought I was. Today I ate two grilled chicken thighs, a baked sweet potato, and grilled asparagus for lunch and…
  • Thank you for the replies! Very insightful and helpful. 😊
  • Thanks for the input.
  • Double posted.
  • Hey there! The gain is over the past month after maintaining for 9 months. I calculate my TDEE to be at 1540 for weight loss. Lightly active 1-3x week workout. I’m 48, 5’6.5, woman. I did better when I cut simple carbs and ate mostly whole foods. Read about CICO and tried it, but I think it tripped me up. 😳 I do not weigh…
  • I’m 5’ 6” and have small hips, short waist. I’m a size 2 in pants, but weigh 145. I’m very lean and my weight gains end up in love handles. I’m starting to think Scale weight is not the best measure. Don’t get me wrong if I dropped another 10lbs I would be fine with it, but I suspect I would get a lot of comments on being…
  • I went to an ortho and they x-rayed it, prescribed physical therapy, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxant.
  • I have talked them and they seem as perplexed as I am. My PT said that my abs were dormant and gave me some breathing exercises to wake them up. I’m starting to think they are in a coma and that my back is compensating for their weakness. I’m wondering if Pilates might help.
  • I LOVE Barre. I’ve been doing Pure Barre 2- 3 x a week for a little over a year and I can’t believe what a difference it’s made in my body composition. It’s the only type of exercise I’ve ever done consistently and long term. It’s a full Body workout, and the instructors change things up all the time. It never gets…
  • I have small hips and I’m also a size 2 bottom. I find that J Crew bottoms fit me true to size. They have great sales all the time. Just scored a pair of jeans for $28 bucks.
  • When I don’t weigh myself daily I gain weight. So I weigh every morning first thing. I hate how much power the number has over me, but on the 5th it will be a year of daily weigh ins and I’ve learned a lot about my patterns and fluctuations. For example today my weight was up even though I did everything right all week. I…
  • This is my biggest frustration with clothing today as well. Everything is boxy and shapeless. I’m busty and if a blouse doesn’t have bust darts at least or a tailored fit it makes me look huge. T shirts with a more feminine fit at the waist are so hard to find. I keep hoping this boxy style will finally go out of fashion…
  • Great article on this exact topic here: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/04/23/movies/i-feel-pretty-amy-schumer-beauty.html
  • Same.
  • I use FLO—It’s not a trend app but more of a TOM tracker that includes weigh ins. It actually helped me learn that I retain water during ovulation too. I track my weight trends with Happy Scale, but now that I know when I retain water I don’t enter those weigh ins in Happy Scale. I do enter them in the Flo Ap and it’s…
  • I’ve only lost two sizes, but I’m getting ready to donate because I don’t have the space to keep clothing I’m not wearing. I do feel like it’s wasteful to get rid of them, but otoh I hated the way I looked in them anyway. Hopefully it will keep me motivated to maintain my current weight.
  • Are you getting enough iron? Sometimes feeling cold all the time is a symptom of iron deficiency.
  • H: 5’ 6” SW 161 (5/17) SBF% 25.28 CW — fluctuating between 144-147 CBF% 21.70 April goal: 142 Ultimate goal: 134-137(fluctuating) BF% Goal 20% April 6: 145 BF% 22.24 April 13: 146 BF% 21.70 April 20: 147 TOM I’m so discouraged. I had been feeling pretty good about the way I looked and was working on recomp until Thursday…