Does This Uterus Make My Stomach Look Fat?



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    @Jax2120 you are beautiful!
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    Love your mom muffin top.
    Embrace it.
    Let it be a reminder that you created life and wear it like a badge of honor!
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    @bioklutz That's fascinating! Thanks for sharing!
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    VUA21 wrote: »
    Finally able to flex and suck in after my tummy tuck. My 3 second diet before and afters.

    Holy crap. Now I want a tummy tuck. Where you able to suck in before the tuck? I can’t suck mine in. ☹️
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    @Urbancowbarn - that side by side blows my mind! I also have to say your tummy tuck looks amazing. I can't even see your scar in the first two photos. It's only because you are turned to catch a bit of shadow that I can slightly see it in the third. Your surgeon is very talented.

    @bioklutz, @Noreenmarie1234 - thanks for posting menstrual bloating before/afters. Our weight along with our physical appearance can drastically change with our cycles. That doesn't mean we are not losing weight or gaining fat, just going through normal hormonal cycles.

    @ExistingFish and @jax2120 - thank you for the posing examples.