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Does This Uterus Make My Stomach Look Fat?



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    @bioklutz - I also have certain times of the month I'm leaner and more times I'm bloated. I'd like to show that here as well. My leanest day seems to be like one day after my period starts for some reason. My lower belly bloats probably at least two weeks leading up.

    @pinuplove and @vnb_208 - Great examples of how clothes can be used to help us feel more comfortable and that in pictures they can be used to hide what someone's body really looks like.

    @Butterchop - thanks for representing the petites!

    @icemom011 - thank you for including your total weight loss. Looking back I should have included that in the requested stats. I think it makes a big difference for people looking for examples to see the difference between someone who's lost a large amount of weight and someone who's never really been overweight.

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    Oh my! Great thread. I love the plank pictures. I have had that since I was in my 30s and thought it was just me.
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