Pure barre for exercise

How do any of you that have tried this form of exercise feel it can help you lose weight along with healthy diet.


  • collectingblues
    collectingblues Posts: 2,540 Member
    Losing weight is about burning more than you eat (and vice versa). I go to barre because I enjoy it.
  • Urbancowbarn
    Urbancowbarn Posts: 97 Member
    I love Pure Barre. It’s the only exercise I do beyond an occasional hike. I’ve leaned out a lot, but I also changed my eating habits. In the first six months of barre and better eating habits I lost 18 pounds, and two dress sizes. I’m up 7lbs from last year but my measurements are an inch smaller all over from the same weight last year. I’ve lost about 9 inches total and attribute it all to pure barre and putting on lean muscle. It’s weird to see the scale go up, and I have to remind myself that I’m smaller and healthier. I highly recommend it. I think for me it works because I really love it and actually want to go to class. That’s a first for me and exercise. 😂