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  • Hello friends!! I’m here again checking in for accountability, and I’ve finally set a new goal weight. SW: 162 lbs- Oct ‘18 1GW:112 lbs - achieved September ‘19 New GW: 105 lbs TW: 106.2 lbs OL: - 55.8 lbs Pic is from Halloween 3 years ago and this past one! 😳
  • Hey everyone! I’ve taken a few weeks off from checking in but wanted to touch base and see how everyone is doing! SW: 162 lbs (Oct ‘18) GW: was 112 lbs LW: ? Don’t recall, probably around 110-111 TW: 107 lbs I’m officially 7 lbs away from my high school weight! And I have a teenager, so that says a lot!!
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 112 lbs LW: 111.0 lbs CW: 109 lbs (-2 lbs) OL: - 53 lbs
  • I almost skipped my weigh in this week like I did last. I had gotten down to 108.6 lbs but jumped back to 111 before vacation and didn’t log here. Continued eating poorly over the weekend and was up to 114.4 lbs this Monday... so not too disappointed in my weigh in today! SW: 162 lbs - Oct ‘18 GW: was 112 lbs, not sure now…
  • Just to keep it all in one place! I hit my goal last week and lost another 3 lbs since!! I love how great I feel!
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 112 lbs LW:111 lbs TW: 109 lbs ( -2 lb ) OL: -53 lbs GONE
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 112 lbs LW:113 lbs TW: 111 lbs ( -2 lb ) OL: -51 lbs
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 112 lbs LW:112 lbs TW: 113 lbs ( +1 lb ) OL: -49 lbs I have been so consistent and active and healthy so im surprised at the uptick but I know this is a long term lifestyle so this has no bearing on my efforts.
  • Wow another great week! Way to keep at it!
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 112 lbs LW:114.4 lbs TW: 112.2 lbs ( -2.2 lb ) OL: -49.8 lbs Exactly 8 months ago to the day I started my get healthy journey. Today I am only .2 lbs away from my goal weight. So I have to consider that a true success!! I didn’t think I’d stick with it, or be able to say no to certain foods but I feel…
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 112 lbs LW:114.8 lbs TW: 114.4 lbs ( -.4 lb ) OL: -47.6 lbs I added workouts back in this week so I really hope to be to my goal before September. My birthday is October and I started this journey last October hoping to have achieved my goal weight by June. When that didn’t happen, I told myself by a years…
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 112 lbs LW: 114.4 lbs TW: 114.8 lbs (+ 0.4 lbs) OL: -47.2 lbs This past weekend I did not eat right at all, the first time I’ve ever had meals back to back that we’re not healthy since October. I gained 3 lbs so I am quite happy with today’s weigh in. And I’m definitely back on track!
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 112 lbs LW: 114.8 lbs TW: 114.4 lbs (- .4) These last few pounds are just creeping. But it doesnt even matter. New lifestyle means I’ll get there and God Williing stick with it forever. Keep on going!
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 112 lbs LW: 116.8 lbs TW: 114.8 lbs Variance: - 2 lbs OL: - 47.2 lbs!!
  • Alright so I did really great this week eating right and fasting, but hubby asked me on a date night last night (went to a movie) but we had a nice dinner out. So today we have: SW: 162 lbs - Oct ‘18 did you know I had gotten up to 170 about 2 years ago?! I’m 5’0 by the way GW: 112 lbs LW: 117 lbs TW: 116.8 lbs (-0.2) OL:…
  • I missed weigh in last week so last check in was 6/6 @ 119.4 lb before I went on vacation. I monitored my food but still ate things like donuts and milkshakes but walked A LOT and came home at my same weight. Very happy with that. This week: SW: 162 lbs GW: 112 lbs LW: 119.4 lbs TW: 117 lbs (-2.4 lbs) OL: 45 lbs Happy…
  • Even though I weighed less yesterday, here are today’s stats: SW: 162 lbs GW: 113 lbs LW: 119.4 lbs CW: 119.4 lbs (-0) TL: -42.6 lbs I may not be able to check in next week as I’ll be on vacation but good luck on everyone’s weight loss!
  • Good day all!! Hope everyone’s week has treated them well! Here’s this week’s stats SW:162 lbs- Oct ‘18 GW: 113 lbs LW: 119.8 lbs TW: 119.4 (-.04 lb) OL: -42.6 lbs You guys should share before and after pics, or even current pics for those just joining (welcome)! Instagram seriously keeps me motivated with before and…
  • SW: 162 lbs -Oct ‘18 GW: 113 lbs LW: 121.2 TW: 119.8 (-1.4 lbs) OL: -42.2 lbs So I was bummed earlier this week because my goal is October was to have been at my goal weight by the time we went on our beach vacation in 2 weeks. I am still 6 lbs away from that but I’m not bummed anymore. I’m proud that I have made it this…
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 113 lbs LW: 122.2 lbs TW: 121.2 lbs (-1 lb) OL: -40.8 lbs Hope everyone has a great end to their week!
  • Hey everyone! Hope your week is going well!! Here’s this week’s stats for me: SW: 162 lbs GW: 113 lbs LW: 122.2 lbs TW: 122.2.... even though it said 121.8 twice I couldn’t replicate it again lol -0 lbs this week I’m ok with that. My nsv this week was going into dressing rooms with sz 4 pants, and small tops and having to…
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 113 lbs LW: 124.4 lbs TW: 122.2 lbs (-2.2 lbs) OL: -39.8 lbs Sounds like so far there’s been some great losses by everyone! Congrats! We just planned a beach trip for June so I’m motivated to lose as much of the remaining 10 lbs as possible before then. I cannot believe I’ve lost 40 lbs. it feels surreal.
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 113 lbs LW: 126.2 lbs TW: 124.4 lbs (-1.8 lb) OL: -37.6 lbs Thursday’s are my normal weigh in but I’m headed out of town on vacation for a few days. I’m very happy with this loss. I added in a lot more strength training using a women’s workout app, and I feel really good. I hope to stay faithful to my…
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 113 lbs LW: 126.4 lbs TW: 126.2 lbs (-.2 lbs) OL: -35.8 lbs
  • @tinkerbellang83 you are my saving grace today! Thank you for taking the time to find those stats and make suggestions for an app. I’m only using MFP and Garmin connect to track weight. I’m 7+ months in and have had really good success so seeing these stalls is HARD! Especially when I’m working this hard. But you have…
  • Tomorrow is my weigh in day but I am still plateau’d. It’s frustrating me. 3 Thursday’s in a row, I’m the same weight. I have increased my activity and kept under my calories goals consistently minus 1 day. I’m conscious what I’m eating and pick healthy options. But I step on the scale I’m a pound or two up, and then back…
  • SW:162 lbs GW: 113 lbs LW: 126.4 lbs TW: 126.4 lbs Loss: -0 I was out of town last weekend and came back weighing 131.8 on Monday, so I’d say this is still a win. I’m only prolonging meeting my goals so hopefully that’s what I need to stay on track and kick it back into gear!
  • SW: 162 lbs GW: 113 lbs LW: 128.8 lbs TW: 126.4 (—2.4 lbs) OL: -35.6 lbs Mid 120’s feels pretty amazing! I hit my first weight loss goal of getting into a size 4!! Never thought that was possible! And wearing a size small shirt. Boom!!!