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  • I have started to feel that way lately. Many of my friends are doing "a nutritional cleanse" and my feed is blown up daily with the 20 lbs they lost in a month . I don't want to do it, it's not for me. But to know how hard I am working to lose my .5lb a week and they "magically" lose is sad.
  • Thank you, I will try both of your suggestions!
  • I wear an HRM and burn between 650-800 for an hour class, my avg is 750. It depends on how much energy I put into it and the instructor.
  • Congratulations on your loss so far! I am in the same position you are in...2 weeks and nothing. I was actually going to post a similar question before I read your post. So I can't offer any advice just some moral support. I found a great quote on FB this am, it was just what I needed. "Weight loss is a slow process, don't…
  • I love About Time! 100 calories, 25g protein, 1g carb, no fat and only 5 ingredients! Nothing artificial, no soy, no rbgh. I've only tried chocolate and vanilla, but they have a ton of flavors that get good reviews. Vitacost has the best price but they are always sold. GNC online also has it.
  • I always add a cup or 2 of baby spinach to my vanilla protein shakes. I also add a cup of frozen berries and coconut milk, it's a great combo.
  • I just measured out 15g of chocolate chips. Wow. Just wow. And cheese, 1oz. is so sad.
  • I had my 1st one today. I had to try them after everyone raving about them everywhere. I could only find a few flavors at GNC that didn't have sucralose in them. The cashew coconut was very good and I can't believe how it filled me up! I had it at 11 and I am still full at 2:30. I know that doesn't seem like a big deal,…
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  • I recently started using a protein powder to help reach my macros for the day. I do find that it helps keep me full if I mix it with fruit, spinach and a little unsweetened coconut milk. I had a difficult time finding a powder that wasn't filled with artificial ingredients and also tasted good. I found About Time protein…
  • Thank you for sharing! You are right, it is encouraging to see. I need to start taking pics to track my progress.
  • A year and a hlaf ago WW helped me lose 40lbs. I loved it. After I gained 20 of it back(ugghh), I joined again in January. This time around I am not so successful. I actually gained weight. I am not a fan of the new points system, and only after I joined MFP a week ago did I realize why. With all the "0" point fruit I was…
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  • My favorite yogurt (and applesauce) add in is Kashi GoLean Crunch. SOOO delish!!!! What about adding a little cinnamon. It may give it a Chai Latte flavor.
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  • Hi! I'm new to the boards, but wanted to jump in. Definetly try a different instructor. It took me a few before I found one that I LOVE!! Every one has a different style and different intensity level. I've been to a few classes where I felt it was fun, but not the greatest workout. This instuctor has me look like I just…