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Quest bars



  • akern15
    I just tried the chocolate brownie and chocolate peanut butter this week. I thought they were good but I wish they were a little lower in sodium.
  • BarbieAS
    BarbieAS Posts: 1,414 Member
    Tried it once....thought I was going to barf. So gross.

    you are the first person I have ever heard wanting to barf after trying one. :huh:

    Count me as number two. So gross.

    I guess count me as 2.5...tried the chocolate chip cookie dough and the brownie as those seemed to be the ones everyone raved about. Tried them out of the wrapper as well as lightly nuked. I guess they were ok...better than most protein bars, probably. But I have no intention of buying them again. Glad I bought a few singles at GNC instead of buying a box.
  • KChesneyGal
    KChesneyGal Posts: 63 Member
    the first time i tried them i was not a fan, i seen them being heated up and baked, decided to give them a try agian and now i am addicted, the cookies & cream is my fave so far, i just got an shipment to my house last night
  • Bloomboom
    Bloomboom Posts: 31 Member
    I frickin' love em! I was luck enough to buy 2 boxes of cookies and cream yesterday before I left town. I also like double chocolate chunk, chocolate brownie, cinnamon roll, raspebrry chunk.......I couold go on and on. They are a good treat for me.
  • sunshinenjjr
    sunshinenjjr Posts: 137 Member
    I always have a case of chocolate peanut butter on hand. It's a good snack between breakfast and lunch.
  • mynameiscarrie
    mynameiscarrie Posts: 963 Member
    The Vanilla Almond Crunch ones are the tits. And the Cinnamon Roll. And the Apple Pie. Come to think of it, the only ones I don't like are the White Chocolate Raspberry (too sweet for me), the Lemon Cream Pie (because, dish soap), and the Peanut Butter Supreme because it was too hard to chew. I'm sure it'd be better warm. I NEED the Cookies and Cream buuuuut my GNC got 3 boxes and some guy bought 2 of them outright... not cool dude.
  • breahremington
    just got my first package in the mail this morning! so excited to try one for my between lunch and dinner snack! i got the chocolate chip cookie dough, which seemed to me to be the overall favorite from other forum postings.

    To die for!!!! Love at first bite :)

    and now, a few hours later, i can wholeheartedly say i AGREEE!
  • MityMax96
    MityMax96 Posts: 5,778 Member
    They are great.
    13 - 15 seconds in the microwave, and they will be right as rain.
  • Tabitha_Faye
    Just ate a cookies 'n cream one. Yummy!
  • IslandLaydi
    IslandLaydi Posts: 7 Member
    24hr fitness just pulled some into stock...maybe you have one around you? Good luck they are pretty good... i give em 6.5/10 I love the cookie dough though
  • tmpecus78
    tmpecus78 Posts: 1,206 Member
    intersting thanks

    what does an affiliate do?

    promotion, sales etc.
  • GGDaddy
    GGDaddy Posts: 289 Member
    Just got an email that GNC is having a 40% off Presidents Day sale. Don't know if that will extend to Quest bars too, but worth checking out online. Happy Questing!
  • lanalou16
    lanalou16 Posts: 5 Member
    Totally sold in Canada! GNC sells them. I'm in NL and get them from a chain called "Supplement King" but I don't know if that exists everywhere in Can. The Popeye's chain also sells them! :)
  • tacticalhippie
    tacticalhippie Posts: 596 Member
    I work at a GNC so I love my discount on them. Especially since they're buy 3 get 1 free at my store for the individual bars.

    Cookies and cream is my new favorite.
    Lemon is awesome too.

    I don't warm them up.
    It weirds me out.
  • palmerdanielle
    palmerdanielle Posts: 341 Member
    Glad to hear they're in Canada, I want to try them, I looked and there's a GNC store pretty close to me so I'll have to try them out if they're carrying some! Anything that's healthier for my sweet tooth is great, plus I find I'm not usually getting enough protein in most days.
  • palmerdanielle
    palmerdanielle Posts: 341 Member
    Hmm and just to add for fellow Canadians, the quest bar website has a store location option, I looked up my city and it listed 5 locations at the stores Popeye's supplements, spartan nutrition and nutrition house.
  • katiehrgovic
    katiehrgovic Posts: 32 Member
    Looooooooove Quest Bars, I have one a day as you can tell in my diary! :heart: :bigsmile:

    Best way to have it is toasted in the toaster oven/regular oven til its light brown and just the slightest bit crispy on the outside and warm and gooooooey on the inside :love:

    maybe with a some nut butter on top....

    now my mouth is watering
  • fast_eddie_72
    fast_eddie_72 Posts: 719 Member
    Man, I think this is the third thread today I've seen these mentioned. Going to have to try one. They seem really popular here and I haven't been getting to my protein goal regularly, so this might be a great help.
  • shirlvil
    I love cinnamon, vanilla almond crunch and so far peanut butter supreme. I am still trying the others before I invest into a box. Also I live in Ontario Canada and they are available here. I used their web site store locator. However it did not list that Quest bars are also available a Healthy Planet if you have one near you. They sell them for almost a $1 cheaper than Nutrition House had them for.
  • 4myB
    4myB Posts: 16 Member
    I had my 1st one today. I had to try them after everyone raving about them everywhere. I could only find a few flavors at GNC that didn't have sucralose in them. The cashew coconut was very good and I can't believe how it filled me up! I had it at 11 and I am still full at 2:30. I know that doesn't seem like a big deal, but I am a huge snacker in the afternoon and normally by this time of day I would have had lunch and 2 snacks.