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Need a little advice

4myB Posts: 16 Member
I am hoping someone can give me a little advice or a new direction to take. I am so frustrated today. In one month I only lost .5 lbs. On paper, I am doing everything correctly, but something is going wrong. Up until now I have lost about 4-5 lbs a month (which is still a little low). Do I up my lower my calories, do I up them, do I not eat my exercise calories back? I could use a little advice from someone who has been where I am at. Thanks! Here is everything I think is pertinent...

I am 5'8" female, 198 lbs.
1550 calories a day
Workout 3-4 times a week ( Zumba, kickboxing and strength training). I wear an HRM
I eat back most, but not all exercise calories.
I do go over some days, but always net under at the end of the week.
I weigh 90% of my food with a digital scale (including dressing and condiments)
I try to get at least 150g of protein a day.
I drink a gallon(ish) of water every day


  • EvanKeel
    EvanKeel Posts: 1,904 Member
    I didn't do a thorough analysis, but i did take a quick look at your diary comparing this week to previous weeks in April and March. And it looks like your intake is roughly consistent; at least a brief skimming of your logs show it to be.

    4-5 lbs / month is a good rate. If you truly believe nothing has changed in terms of your logging or activity, then I'd wait another month of doing the same thing. If you're still seeing little-to-no change in weight, try reducing intake by 100 cal/day.

    My non-expert opinion, based on limited information, is that there's some combination of "eating more than you think you are" and "not burning as much as you think you are" going on. But I don't have access to any solid evidence to support that. It's just a gut feeling.

    So, like I say. Be as consistent as you can for the next several weeks and go from there.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • bekahlou75
    bekahlou75 Posts: 304 Member
    Alot of people on here suggest eating only 50% of the exercise calories back. Try that for a couple weeks. Also, I agree with EvanKeel about cutting back 100 calories per day for a 1450 goal.
  • 4myB
    4myB Posts: 16 Member
    Thank you, I will try both of your suggestions!
  • DanaDark
    DanaDark Posts: 2,187 Member
    Yes, definitely only eat a max of 50% of your calories earned from exercising.

    Many times exercise gets over estimated, causing us to eat back our entire deficit.

    Hopefully by doing the 50% you'll be well on your way again!