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Protein and Fiber Powders

I am trying to find ways to keep me full longer and I know a lot of people say to eat a lot of protein and fiber. I have seen people mention using protein and fiber powders. What's your experience with them? Do they make you feel full? Are they worth it? If so what ones do you recommend and how do you use them? Thanks in advance.


  • Kita328
    Kita328 Posts: 370 Member
    I use this powder in smoothies mostly- but in a rush I just mix it with liquid (water or almond milk-extra protein or half of each).This Vegan protein powder is my FAVE choice. It is called Progressive, Harmonized Vegan Protein.

    Harmonized Vegan Protein delivers a blend of 5 complimentary plant-based proteins (non-GMO) that include yellow pea protein Isolate, Sprouted brown rice protein concentrated, Hemp seed protein concentrated, cranberry protein and chia seed protein. A multi source protein blend offers greater nutritional diversity than any single source. This 100% vegan formula provides the full spectrum of both essential and non-essential amino acids. Each serving contains 25 grams of complete protein and is ideal for anyone wishing to increase their protein intake while avoiding soy, dairy, or animal source proteins.

    I love the Vanilla one. It tastes great. It has Stevia to sweeten. Its really good.
  • mjfer123
    mjfer123 Posts: 1,234 Member
    Any protein will make you feel full.
    That goes for meat, beans, etc. as well as powder.

    The powder is good as a filler but shouldn't be used as a meal replacement like some other products.
    It's meant as a boost, filler or supplement, not a replacement.

    Find a flavor and brand that works for you, different people have different reactions as far as fullness and taste.

    I take one with me at the gym, especially if I go in the morning to kick my metabolism into gear.
  • 4myB
    4myB Posts: 16 Member
    I recently started using a protein powder to help reach my macros for the day. I do find that it helps keep me full if I mix it with fruit, spinach and a little unsweetened coconut milk. I had a difficult time finding a powder that wasn't filled with artificial ingredients and also tasted good. I found About Time protein powder and I am so happy with it. It's only 100 cal, no carb, 25g protein and the ingredient list is very short with nothing artificial.