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  • Fitbits are junk in my opinion! I say this because my first one broke within 6 months and the replacement last one month before it had issues syncing that have yet to be resolved. I bought a Garmin Foreunner 35 as a quick replacement as I was working towards a half marathon and wanted a way to keep up with my runs. It is…
  • You won't be the only one that is doing their first race and you won't seem out of place. You will find that the running community is super supportive and will try to make every race you enter the best race that you do. My best advice is to watch starting out to fast (sometimes the crowd atmosphere can hype you up), walk…
  • Joining too. I am struggling to get myself back on track and the struggle has been real since April! SW - 297 GW - 185 UGW- 165 CW- 246.2 Apparently, I have gained 20 pounds since April. :-(
  • I struggled with the couch 2 5k because I was trying to run faster than I was capable of doing. Once I slowed the walk portion down to 3.3 MPhil and the run to 4.1 was I able to actually get through the run parts. Also, there were tines that I would repeat a week because I felt like I wasnt physically able to conquer the…
  • Kettlebell workouts and running outside. Bodyweight exercises are great to do and you can vary some of those to make them harder or target different muscles.
  • Try eating foods with more protein, fat, and fiber than what you are currently eating. What types of foods are you eating now that you feel hungry an hour later?
  • I used to buy plus size stuff through Old Navy's online store. They typically don't carry plus sizes in their stores. Also, JC Penney's has some nice exercise stuff in their Xersion brand. They typically have sales on the stuff all the time and it holds up unbelievably well. Try their clearance racks too for Capri and…
  • @treebek the challenges are typically step challenges for a set time period. You can include up to 10 people to see who can get the most steps. It can be highly motivating if you are a competitive person and like to win.
  • I just bought my Fitbit a few days ago and need some friends that love to do challenges! I like to compete others as it helps me to move more and not be a lazy bum. You can add me at: //
  • Mine pretty much is! I have already drank 12 glasses of flavor enhanced water for the day and I will probably drink 2-3 more before I go to bed. Sometimes I will have plain water, but a lot of times I want something with flavor to curb cravings for something sweet. :)
  • I drink flavored water most of the time to avoid calorie laden soft drinks. I have lost almost 70 pounds this way. I am currently in a stall because I have not been eating at my calorie goal or exercising like I should to burn off the excess calories that I have been eating. I am getting back on track now and I will start…
  • @hmichaud09 have you tried Enell Sports Bras? They are pricey, but definitely worth it. I am busty too and avoided running for the longest time because I didn't have adequate support. These bras are amazing!
  • I love my Polar HR7 and I feel it is way more accurate on my calorie burn than my Fitbit HR charge. I have the fitbit so I can participate in challenges with friends and coworkers and use the Polar for my running and cross training.
  • What kind of exercises are you doing for your legs? You may be lifting too much or doing too many squats and lunges if you are starting over from a year ago. You may feel better of you lower the weight or number of reps for a month or so and start adding more as you get stronger and don't feel as sore.
  • The doctor thinks I have exercise induced asthma that is brought on by running in the cold. I take two puffs off of my inhaler about 20 minutes before I go running. I have a slow pace and when I feel like it is a struggle I walk for a few minutes and start a slow jog again. I used this method to complete a five mile race…
  • Definitely eat something for dinner! Otherwise, you may find yourself ravenous tomorrow morning. Go for a walk tonight to earn some extra calories.
  • I started running when I was about 10-15 pound heavier than you and I have knee problems. I started slowly by walking and then jogging slow intervals. I tried the c25k program and always got stuck on week 4 so I joined a local running group for beginners and ran minutes straight the first time out! I am still slow, but I…
  • It would help if you open your diary as people may be able to make food suggestions that would help you to feel fuller for longer. Alos, do you use a digital food scale to weigh your food? You may be under estimating your food intake and eating more than you think.
  • I try to avoid them and cut them out of my life if possible. Nobody needs that kind of person in their life. As for your friend, I would use her words as motivation to fuel my desire to get healthier and to rub it in her face when you look fabulous and she looks bad from eating too many cookies. Don't let her mean words…
  • I would only eat part of them back for a month or so and see how it affects your rate of weight loss. If you are losing less than projected, then eat less of the exercise calories. If you are losing too much too quickly then eat more of the exercise calories.
  • Awesome job and congratulations on beating your goal time!
  • Have you taken any before or after pictures for comparison? What about your body measurements? When I first lost a bit of weight everybody commented, but I didn't quite see it even though I had went down clothing sizes. It became "real" to me when I seen an old pic of me before my heaviest and a recent picture side by side…
  • That's awesome! Congratulations! Feel free to add me, I love having runner friends.
  • I enjoy running too! I live in an area that doesn't have a lot of races, so I complete virtual races a lot to keep motivated to run. I definitely agree with others that having properly fitted shoes for you will make a big difference, as well as proper stretching and not increasing your mileage too quick. I hope you get the…
  • I haven't tried it with avocado before, but I do like to use Greek Yogurt in place of mayo in my tuna salad. I will have to give your recipe a try tomorrow, thanks for sharing!
  • Feel free to add me!
  • I was diagnosed with fibro four years ago when the pain had become unbearable. The doctor put me on meds that made me feel like a zombie, the next set of meds made me feel like I was in hyperdrive and my heart would beat out of my chest, and the third med my insurance wouldn't approve so I went back to the first at a lower…
  • Definitely buy a food scale to weigh everything in grams and double check that the entries you are using in the food database are correct. Also, if you are using MAP'S estimates for calories burned during exercise only eat 1/3 to a 1/2 of those back because MFP grossly exaggerates your calorie burn. Good luck!