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  • Ken's Lite Italian - all 3 of my young kids LOVE it so that says something. :smile:
  • Amazing job @alisampm !!!
  • Not new, but this stuff is so good!! If you like ginger and can handle some heat try this!!! Great as a marinade, on rice and my favorite as salad dressing (a little goes a long way). ❤️
  • I'm joining! Mom to 3 here too and I've gained back the 40lbs I lost over the last 2 years. Started walking/jogging more and plan to continue that at least 3 days a week and eat less. :)
  • I work for a manufacturing company (engineering design all the way through completion of mostly aircraft parts that are very labor intensive) and we've been working on-site all along. We are lucky that we have a small number of staff at just 42 employees and can spread out. I work in a separate building of just 6 of us and…
  • Breakfast for dinner is a quick one - eggs, toast, maybe bacon or sausage or some fruit. Hummus, veggies, yogurt w/granola. Hardboiled eggs on toast.
  • Regarding kids and school: my kids have been in school since September, full-time (they are in elementary school). Their school district has a dashboard to check cases in school based on each building and whether it's a child or teacher/administrator in quarantine, reason for quarantine (exposed at school or elsewhere), if…
  • Yes and Yes. Mom to 3 kids here and need to lose about the same amount of weight - 50lbs. :)
  • Overnight oats - mine have lasted 5 days. Pair with hardboiled egg(s) and cheese maybe?
  • 1. Berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries) 2. Peaches 3. Oranges
  • Roast for dinner tonight. Paired with warm, buttered french bread. Rump roast with 1 dry packet of each: ranch, Italian and brown gravy. Bunch of carrots in the crockpot and cook until roast shreds.
  • If you have calories left come nighttime, and you're accurately tracking your food by weighing it, then enjoy the nighttime snack! If you do not have the calories to spare, what helps me is drinking a hot drink (coffee, tea, hot cider), chewing gum and keeping my hand/mind busy. Reading at nights helps me, as well as…
  • I work behind a desk in a small office (1 copier, 1 bathroom, no stairs, etc). I get up at least 3 times a day and go outside and walk around the parking lot for at least 5 minutes. I bring my phone, set my timer and try and walk fast. My home is very close to my office so I'm also able to go home over lunch and take my…
  • The best thing you can do is get a $10 food scale and weigh out your food. Lots of people lose weight by simply eating less of what they did before. Shop the sales each week at your local grocery store helps.
  • I agree with @janejellyroll - just because it's your first meal of the day doesn't mean it has to be typical breakfast food. Have some meat and cheese roll-ups, lots of low carb waffle recipes out there, avocados, some nuts, low carb protein bar? Any medical reason you need it to be low carb?
  • I'm a single mom to 3 kids, one with special needs and sensory issues (texture in food with him is big). Some meals that go over well for at least 2/3 kids are: Stovetop, juicy chicken breasts (seasoned differently based on the kid) with a side salad (all my kids love salad) and warm bread. Spaghetti - one kids love…
  • Totally depends on your tastes, but here are some ideas: Greek yogurt Cheese stick 2 rice cakes Fresh fruit weighed out Sliced cucumbers with a little dressing I love pickles for the low calorie, bold flavor and crunch
  • I'm a single mom to 3 young kids and our weekly menu is usually: Spaghetti w/salad and garlic bread <--sometimes adding meatballs, sometimes it's meatless, sometimes one kid just wants butted noodles and I'm ok with that Crockpot roast with carrots and warm bread and a salad <--all my kids love this. Great leftovers or can…
  • If lunch is a struggle can you cook extra for evening dinner and then eat leftovers for lunch? I eat a lot of leftovers for lunch, but also sometimes a frozen meal, canned soup, ham sandwich, yogurt with granola and hardboiled egg, easy 5 minute sunny side up eggs with toast.
  • Deli meat in tortilla with some type of sauce, cheese and veggies. Hummus with veggies. Yogurt. Hard boiled egg. I make juicy stovetop chicken and sometimes eat leftovers cold in a tortilla (may not last 5 days, but 3 days it will).
  • More COVID-19 cases for children as many head back into the classroom is to be expected. I'd like to know how many were hospitalized or have serious symptoms. Also the article states that "Children with Covid-19 also tended to be older and have at least one underlying health condition." I focus more on the hospitalization,…
  • Fresh fruit. Hummus and carrots (or just carrots). Individual bags of smart pop popcorn. Greek yogurt. Sometimes just drinking a big glass of ice water helps or having a can of diet soda.
  • Random - saw Smart Sweet gummy at my local Walmart. Just the Sweet Fish ones. I had no clue they stocked them. Wish they had the new watermelon ones for me to try before I splurge on an order box.
  • I got mine recently and they are yummy! I got pink and purple and can’t taste much difference, but great snack/light breakfast on the go. Thanks for always posting these. 😊
  • Since you mentioned eating out as an option, search "fast food" in MFP and there are threads of people responding with their go-to fast food meals to stay within your calorie goals that MFP gives you. For breakfast I'd suggest either a protein bar + fresh fruit if needed or overnight oats. Yes, I know you have to assemble…
  • Grown-ups working from home is relatively easy for a lot of positions (depends on the job duties and technology), but children home for virtual learning is totally different. They will need supervision, assistance with technology, etc.. If the government wants to help working parents by job protection / some wage…
  • Yes all 3 of mine complain when walking, but if I allow them to use their scooters then the complaining usually stops. It also helps that we are venturing to somewhere a bit more fun with lots of open green space and a small playground.
  • Any "cream of ..." soup is very, very thick out of the can. Like pudding. It just plops out and isn't "soup" until you mix water into it per can instructions.
  • Kansas gave their announcement as well. We are delaying the first day of school until after Labor Day (set to start August 13). Further information on how the in-person learning is yet to be announced, but I do know there will be a virtual option. Hoping our numbers will start to decrease soon, and if not that those who…
  • I try to keep busy which helps reduce my snacking. If you at working from home (and with a laid back job) maybe use the time to read more? Clean out a closet? When all else fails I make sure to have lower calorie options available. I eat carrots with water or a diet soda and then make myself get up and walk around my yard,…