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  • Or just pre-mount a valve extender. Seriously though please don't race on Gatorskins. You take all the advantages you get from a tri bike, or race wheels, or an aero helmet away in one action by adding extra rolling resistance. Just learn to change a flat
  • For an Oly I keep it simple. 1 liquids bottle in a torpedo mount, tools in a bottle off the back. I'm pretty much only going to be on the bike for an hour so I'm not going to get through much more than 1 bottle. Maybe stash a handheld in transition to take out on the run so I can get some liquids right off the bike. For…
  • Glad @glevinso did it so I didn't have to
  • If you're not willing to find a coach, which having 3 kids and 2 jobs I totally get the financial implications of a coach, find a well respected plan like Be Iron Fit. Trust the plan, maybe tweak it a bit, but trust the plan. The problem you're going to have is finding someone or a plan that will/can balance your love of…
  • nice find!
  • Also lift 2-3 times a week. HEAVY compounds. 3 x 3-6 or 5 x 3-6 depending on how you're recovering.
  • Having kinda watched what it is you do over the past couple years here is how I'd set you up. Swim 2 days a week. Start with 1 form and 1 endurance swim per week and transition to 1 really hard interval day and 1 endurance swim once you get your groove back in the pool. Yes you could make incremental gains swimming more,…
  • My coach writes trainer workouts aimed to address the focus of whatever block of training I'm currently in. That said sans a coach I'd either write my own workouts or swipe some from TR/Zwift/wherever. Also a great way to track data or whatnot.
  • I have a 70.3 in two months. My stuff needs to start coming together. LOL
  • Curious how many times you biking and running per week.
  • It appears from the captions in this article: that it's there for storage/hydration systems that may come out
  • 1. Swimming is mostly form. You can have almost zero strength and if you happen to have the form/timing down you will swim fast. 2. If you're convinced you need to add some strength pick up Ben Greenfield's stuff. The diet stuff in his books is crap but he knows his lifting. 3. Buy some swim cords and make sure you hit…
  • Do you have any stores that sell wetsuits near you? They all fit somewhat differently. Quite a few are going to thicker neoprene in the legs/through the midsection and thinner neoprene in the shoulders for flexibility. Really all the major brands put out great suits and it's just a matter of what fits/what you can find a…
  • FWIW I've never had an 8 hour training day during IM training and I've never scheduled one for one of my athletes either. I don't think HillOE meant to be judgemental, just trying to say you can probably fit it in better than you think. I would say given your time constraints a well put together 70.3 plan might be more up…
  • I'm thinking I'm just swapping Long Course Worlds with Augusta. Keep travel costs low. Have friends doing Eagleman and Boulder 70.3, both June races I believe, and those are tempting.
  • Got an email a few days back saying I got a spot on Team USA for ITU Long Course Worlds. Now to rework the schedule
  • Oh Sarah I've seen many far less experienced jump feet first into a 140.6. At least you didn't go full on crazy??? You'll be fine. Put in the work, race smart, you'll be set.
  • Panasonic has a crank based one out too. Forgot about them. I went Power2Max because of the flexibility in the type/length of crank. I like Rotor cranks w/ Qrings and I ride shorter cranks (165mm as opposed to the 172.5 that come pretty standard on tri bikes) and love it. Power2Max gave me that option.
  • @jacksonpt really not that many differences at this point. It's more about preference. I'd go pedal or crank based just due to the fact you can switch out wheels at will. So if you're going to use a hub based PM for training you'll either need a second on your race wheels or train on your race wheels. SRM (expensive),…
  • Challenge is pulling out of North America for the most part. There were lots of fiscal and cultural issues between the home (Euro) office for Challenge and the Rev3 boots on the ground in the US. They just decided it wasn't going to work. As to IMLP and IMMD. You couldn't choose 2 more different races. It should be an easy…
  • Congrats!
  • Like Jackson said I'm 5'8" and should be on a 54-56 tri bike. Absent a fitting to tell you which models & sizes work for you go ride them and see if you feel too stretched out or too scrunched up. Then take a look at the components. I wouldn't ride anything under Ultegra for Shimano components or SRAM Force, but I'm also a…
  • For the average age grouper? Wrong. It's VERY easily to get bogged down in the minutia of this sport and lose track of the fact that: 1. This should be fun. 2. Consistency trumps any single workout. 3. This isn't our job. Hitting your NP or target HR or VI for a workout shouldn't become an obsession and for many…
  • It really depends on what features you want. I'm a coach and a data junkie so yeah the 910/920 appeals to me. That said it's overkill. No one NEEDS all that functionality. If you want something that looks more professional and less sportsy maybe look at the Fenix models. They look more like "real" watches.
  • I up my salt intake in the heat. I'm also a SUPER salty sweater. I've found Base Performance to be the best salt out there. It's loose, not pills, and absorbs through your tongue so even on an upset stomach you can get your salt in.
  • Lift heavy and explosive. s/b/r essentially takes care of all your high rep/low weight work. Find a nice proven program (5x5, Starting Strength, 5/3/1) and go.
  • Find a solid plan or a coach. Execute the plan and trust that it will get you to the finish line. Learn about the correct and incorrect ways to fuel for long course triathlon. Really once you figure out your sweat rate/fluid needs it's just a big math problem how to get in XXX ounces of fluid and 60-90 g of carbs per hour.…
  • Talking like during an Ironman. Iron Trac is the best but only for Iphone. Otherwise just use the Ironman website.
  • Hahaha. So true. I'll say this the longest ride I do for a 70.3 is about 3 hours. So if I start as soon as it's light outside I'm done by the time anyone else in my house is really ready to do anything.
  • It's not a lifestyle for a lot of people however, and the WTC markets Ironman events as bucket list items hoping they get hooked and continue to come back. Basically the cycle goes see Kona on TV, get inspired, find an Ironman that appeals to you, train, maybe fit your first 70.3 in there somewhere, race, sign up for next…