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  • If I ate my exercise calories back, I would weigh 400 pounds. They are entertainment only for me. Eating quality foods will reduce the hunger in trying to lose weight. I have been maintaining and know a number of folks in the same boat that do not eat them back and we maintain.
  • I have had very good luck and this is a rest of my life change for me. I enjoy 5:2 and 16/8.
  • IF 16 hours daily from 2p-6a and then then the 5:2 as well. Never going back. Did not really start for weight loss. The health benefits seem to be endless and I have never felt better. Husband does it as well.
  • And I am very active. I do believe exercise is the key to making me the healthy diabetic I am in addition to the above.
  • I am type 1 diabetic. I have spent 32 years working on what works best for me. I do think it is person to person. I find that when I am not overweight that a very low processed carb diet works well for me needing very little insulin. I eat natural carbs and don't need a great deal of insulin. Examples are things like…
  • I am in. We walk ours at least 3 miles every day.
  • Hope you are not coming down with the head cold half the planet has right now. I just got rid of it. Kudos for doing any kind of work out. Tough when you are not feelin it. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
  • Not miserable. Not depressed. I am never hungry. I never starve myself. I eat when I am hungry. Do not eat when I am not. Miserable is being 225lbs on a 5'3 frame and not being able to move. I don't think anyone that knows me would describe my life as miserable or unhappy. But after being fat, you figure out what works and…
  • I am a T25, P90X and Insanity girl.
  • I know what works for me. I don't pretend to know what works for anyone else.
  • All woman are crazy. It would be the level of crazy one can happily live with. Same applies to men....just for the record.
  • I have never personally accomplished this, but sure love trying. FYI, I use a 15 lbs kettle bell and do 3 reps versus his 5. I also did sit ups and push ups instead of foam roller. It is not a super exciting work out. I like to watch tv while I am doing these. And yep, your butt gets bigger. Just saying:)…
  • I am not sure of what you define as weird, but I am diabetic and make all sorts of low carb from cauliflower. This is my newest trial. I put some egg beaters with garlic,shrooms,olive and onions on top when cauliflower hash browns were done. Was awesome. Cauliflower Hash {Paleo} Prep time: 8 mins Cook time: 12 mins Total…
  • I am a Pure Protein shakes girl. 35G of protein and 170 calories each and they taste decent.
  • I am 43. I am a Type 1 diabetic and I work very hard (in order to live a healthy life), but have struggled all my life. It is a constant battle.I hate the diet word. There is no diet in long term and for life. It is change of lifestyle. I track everything I do. If I forget, I pay. I love zumba, T25,Insanity, long walks…
  • Are you over doing the work outs wih regards to where you are at physically? I find when I sometimes over do, the sickness starts.
  • I would like to attempt this. I have been trying to find ways to enjoy walking. I have been doing between 1.5-2miles a day for the last 3 weeks. I often find other work outs more enjoyable, but this is definitely relaxing.
  • My gym has a class they started on Saturdays. I have no had the opportunity to attend yet. Hopefully, I will this Saturday.
  • Get a bubby or borrow one. Dogs are always willing to eat the leftovers that are dog friendly foods. I also enjoy giving them the last few bites. A few calories out of my mouth. Course, I have 3 so that is 3x the calories out of my mouth. They are also amazing motivators for exercise:) This is just my funny side. I really…
  • You know, I threw the scale away. I started a work out with a variety of different things like TRX, crossfit type of things or plain ole caveman workouts. The first month I did it, I gained 7 pounds. However, I went down an entire dress size. Hard to be annoyed when all of your pants are loose. I have lived by that since…
  • I am diabetic and have been for 3/4 of my life. I eat as little of the "bad" carbs as possible, similar to the above mentioned like rice, bread, pasta etc. I have noticed no increase in blood sugar when choosing fruits and non-processed types of carbs. The less insulin you need seems to have a direct correlation with…
  • I am not in KC, but am in Topeka. May I help? I end up in the KC area quite a bit though.
  • Diabetic Type 1 almost 33 years. I have 0 issues associated with my diabetes. Because of attention to diet and exercise, I may well be healthier than some of my "healthy" friends:) The 33 year war is not easy, but the rewards are endless.
  • I have worked from home for years. Kettle bells, yoga mat, exercise once an hour for a few minutes. Stand at your desk when you can. I put my laptop at my kitchen bar and stand. Find some nice after work classes.
  • Hi Rebecca. I am Tama. Don't necessarily care about weight, but enjoy seeing inches go away. Diabetic, so diet and exercise has been a part of my life since I was 11. Feel free to add me.
  • I'll be happy to join. I am crazy bad about posting because I have had to keep food logs since I was 11. Gets old. but I like to be motivated and motivate others.