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  • I used to love drinking La Croix or other bubbly flavor essenced drinks. I realized they make me hungry! I quit drinking them and stick to good old water and that has helped me stick to my plan!
  • Eating back exercise calories. Some days you just have to. MFP is a great tool especialy for a free tool but accuracy is not great. Better than nothing. For example, I just put in a search for bagel. The top 4 results range from 180 to 380 calories. Which do you pick when you track? You guess which yours might be.…
  • That is very restrictive. I would have cravings too. It wouldn't be sustainable for me. Honestly, you aren't teaching yourself good eating habits. You are restricting calories to reach a goal. Once you reach it, then what? I suggest creating a diet plan of whole foods and a plan you can live with for life.
  • Nothing, really, but it gives me some guardrails. Yes, I know generally what foods are good for my waistline and which aren't but, apparently, I need more help than that or I wouldn't have gained 40 pounds over that last 15 years.
  • Got it!! Thanks! :-)
  • The Pandemic hit me much harder last year than I realized at the time. Looking back now, I totally see it. I lost a few good habits and replaced them with some bad and earned myself another 10 pounds because of it.
  • OH me too! One hot dog, dressed with some chips and Pepsi. Yikes! Oh, and then hungry an hour later because we did was fill our stomach, we did not FEED our bodies!
  • I think what I appreciate is the ability, at the end of the day, to be able to have "one more thing" to eat before bed without going "off program". My litmus test for deciding if I am really hungry vs just wanting to eat because I can is to ask myself if I want some 0 point food like an apple or some steamed veggies and…
  • I totally get you! :-)
  • EXACTLY THIS!!! Of course, these choices can be made without a "program". The program kind makes it a game which is fun. Now that I am feeling so much better, I just want to keep playing the game. :-)
  • They aren't at odds with each other at least for me. They are foods I could binge on but I won't. I do have a friend who said she couldn't follow WW or at least not the purple plan because she would binge on anything and everything. Like I said, I am not selling the plan, just saying I am pleased with it for myself…
  • I don't know. I don't do meetings. I know they were doing Zoom meetings last year but they may have gone back to in person by now.
  • [/quote] Not sure why you got 9 disagrees - if it works for you that's great. I used it years ago and lost 37 lbs so it worked for me too. That was back when you had to track points for everything, I only tracked for like 3 weeks and it basically showed me how much I could eat in a day, then I didn't have to track anymore…
  • I just joined the online plan that does not include meetings (they now call workshops) In the past, did. It depended on leader but there was one leader who was constantly pushing the products and I found that extremely annoying. One thing about their "snack" products is that they aren't magically low in points, they are…
  • EXACTLY! This is why I believe that people who are getting discouraged need encouragement and support rather than be told to "suck it up". That's just my opinion.
  • I really think the OP has good intentions with this topic. It IS true that we can have all the knowledge and tools available and at our disposal but neither will help us get fit and improve our health if we don't use them. Somehow, we have to flip a switch within us to apply the knowledge, use the tools to make positive…
  • At the end of the day, you have to do what works for you but no matter what you try, you have to work it. For that to happen, a switch just has to flip inside you that makes you really ready to work it.
  • It IS a bit of a game, right. I could have done exactly what I did this week on MFP and not paid for WW. Instead of starting my day with a bagel and cream cheese, I might start it with 3 eggs and apple slices. Both about the same in terms of calories but far different in terms of nutrients and satiety.
  • LOL! THATs the trick! I finished my first week with enough points on the table I could have polished off a bottle of wine and still been "on program". The problem with that is, today I would be off the rails wanting lots of greasy hangover food.
  • Thanks @heybales, that helps but I really just want them to communicate like they are supposed to.
  • Welcome!!
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  • Nice to meet you!!! I am 61 and determined to maintain my health!!
  • OMG! I am right there with you. I am 61 and have seen so many fads; various foods and food groups demonized over the years. It is ridiculous! Fit for Life, The Mayo Diet, Atkins, South Beach, the Zone, paleo, Whole 30...the list is endless. The all "seem" like they work because people lose weight and say the felt better…
  • I learned long ago that it is impossible to cheat on your diet..program...or whatever you want to call it. There may be days where I make exceptions and eat or drink foods that I don't normally consume. I may not tell anyone I did so but there is no cheating. My body will react to what I took in no matter what.
  • THIS!! I flirted with eating disorder when I was in my teens and twenties. I have no idea why I didn't cross over into that but am grateful I didn't. Still....the obsession with my weight was there and my self worth was totally wrapped up in it. My parents were actually very modern in their attitudes when I was young. It…
  • Absolutely perfect approach to take. One fattening meal a few times per year will not throw you off.
  • Wow, you get it! I love my husband dearly too and he IS very supportive of anything and everything I try to do but he IS kind old school about things. These comments ARE passive aggressive and are annoying. I am glad you stick up for the nieces.
  • Oh brother....and does she also think you need to lose weight? It is the passive agressiveness of the comments when they come from someone who feels that way that make them most annoying.
  • Oh, I don't let it ruin my day, or even my meal. It just annoys me.