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  • Congrats on your loss & the face sliming....best of luck to you as you keep up the journey :happy:
  • I'm 191 today, down 2 lbs but still up...at the weigh in before Thanksgiving I was 186 so until I get back there I feel like I'm not accomplishing much at all. Mel- I sincerely hope things get better for you!!! Jen- glad kickboxing is working out for you....950 calories in a workout is great! Liza- Happy Belated Birthday!!…
  • I am still at 193 (7 lb gain over the holidays) but I'm trying to stay positive this new year so I'm positive next weigh in will be a lower number!!! Liza- thanks for the enocuragement yesterday I did 20 mins of Leslie Sansone & thanks for starting today's thread.
  • Sounds good & very flavorful.....thanks for sharing!
  • Mack thanks for the encouragement....so far I'm doing "ok" this year. I sent all of you a friend request bc now that MFP is like Facebook on my home page it'll be easier for me to keep up with y'all so I don't have to keep coming back to the message board :happy: Hope everyone has a great weekend...hard to believe it's…
  • Oh do I know the feeling I am a junk food junkie too :ohwell: ....I usually try one or two the following and it satisfies my craving: -a piece of sugarless gum (which is about 5 calories) -a small piece of dark chocolate (bc it' suppose to be healthier than milk chocolate). -a Little Debbie's 100 calorie lemon cake (or…
  • I'm 193 that's a total gain of 7 lbs since Thanksgiving :sad: Ok I have vowed to make 2010 my year to get 'er done! Mel- sorry to hear about your situation but it sounds like you already know what you need to do so I pray you can stay on track while dealing with "it". Jenn- congrats on your loss & let me know how the G.I.…
  • Thanks Jenn for the encouragement! Is there a thread for this week?? I know I missed last week so I'm a little behind :ohwell:
  • I have gained 5 lbs :sad: I'm at 191 and it's not even TOM....I really think Thanksgiving "triggered" my old eating habits and I just can't seem to shake it! Everyday I say I'm going to watch my calorie intake & work out well I haven't worked out since before Thanksgiving :embarassed: I just don't know what it'll take to…
  • Hey ladies I'm not weighing in today bc I turned Thanksgiving day into Thanksgiving week....I even had mac& cheese, pie and sweet tea today (which I hadn't drank sweet tea in 4 months)!!!! I don't know how to shake this carb/sweet binge I'm on but every since Thanksgiving it's been starchy foods & sweets all day everyday…
  • I'm sure I did awful....I think I turned Thanksgiving day into Thanksgiving week I just ate a slice of pie for lunch :ohwell: oh well weigh in is Monday I'm not looking forward to seeing the scale!
  • That's good you caught yourself before it went too far...that's definitely a major step in winning this battle! I didn't catch myself yesterday or today and I feel so awful and sluggish :grumble: oh well good job & keep up the success!!!
  • Oh and I like the new profile pic :happy: I kept trying to figure out was different and then it hit me, that's a different pic!
  • Hey JB thanks for starting the thread and congrats on your loss :drinker: what exactly is the soup diet? I may need to give it a try after Thanksgiving. My weight is 188.4 so I'm down about 2 lbs from last week (if I recall correctly). Hope you have a great week and continue the success Key
  • This actually sounds good....thanks for posting!
  • Ooooo how cool...thanks for sharing!
  • You're welcome and don't worry if you join a class you'll see most of us are uncoordinated so you'll fit in just fine :tongue: but seriously I promise the dvds will give you just as a good of a workout if that's more convienent than the 20 min drive.
  • I'm 189.5 up from 186....I guess I really over did it on the cruise!!!! To add to the insult, I just logged my calories for today and I have eaten 2,029 calories :noway: I'm WAY over & I didn't exercise today :grumble: ok I'm done venting and sulking....tomorrow I will get back on track. JB - thanks for starting the thread…
  • Yea I have done the dvds & honestly they are basically like going to the class....for me the only benefits of a live class is I can ask questions about certain movements & I push myself harder bc other people are watching/participating so I don't take breaks and slack off like I was doing at home with the dvds :embarassed:
  • You're welcome and an 1150 calorie burn is great, I only burn about 600 cals for 60 mins of Zumba....
  • Blombie- since you know how many calories you burned, you can just click on "add exercise" and where you enter the name (in the empty box) next to that box you'll see enter an exercise not listed (that may not be the exact wording) but it's there and you can add Zumba and your calories....hope that helps.
  • Wow congrats on being chosen and on your weight loss success!! I'm sure whatever you decide to wear in your pics you'll look fantabulous! Also, thanks for posting bc I always read their success stories and think "is this really the truth"....
  • Hey ladies I'm back had fun and over ate I averaged about 3,000 cals a day :sad: I feel about 10 lbs heavier so I'm skipping weigh in til next week :ohwell: Jen- it sounds like you are doing the right things, maybe it's a plateau & you need to throw in something different (try a Zumba workout or something high energy for…
  • I am truly happy for you and your tone shows that you are at a point in life where you have never been before which is awesome....keep up the positive attitude and you'll definitely have continued success! Also, a big kudos to you for knowing when to say enough is enough (in regards to your marriage as well as weight loss).
  • I'm 186....down 4 lbs from last week (I guess TOM did make a difference) :drinker: Kstefanski- CONGRATS on no longer being obese that's awesome :flowerforyou: Lizagna- That's great that you are back on track....I know all about eating all weekend & yea TOM can throw you off and the number is usually unflattering :ohwell:…
  • I like the idea of making several lists....just may help me see the big picture clearer! Thanks for sharing!
  • I ordered mine from www.zumba.com but if you want to check it out before you buy, there are some free Zumba videos on Youtube (another MFP member had mentioned it & I was able to find 2 on there). The videos are fun but I prefer the classes....
  • Hey we have that at ours too and it sounds nasty I didn't want any but my friend had it and said it tasted like salty chocolate & she enjoyed it :huh: I even saw a vendor selling fried pepsi...hope you enjoy yourself and your corndog! Oh and congrats on the 2lb loss since Monday that's awesome....
  • It was going great until I went to the fair today and ate half of a funnel cake & a candy apple with nuts :ohwell:
  • The videos are fun and some of the dances make you feel super sexy! However, taking the classes seem to work better for me bc the instructor can walk you through the correct way to do a certain move...you'll see on the videos it's fun but the moves are shown quickly and you have to keep up or constantly press pause and…