Red team week 30

Hello all, good morning, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I am pleased to announce that I am down to 205!!! Gotta love the soup diet! I'm taking tomorrow off and I'll be doing it for another week after that, hopefully I don't gain too much back after I go back to eating normally!!!
Good luck this week everyone! :bigsmile:


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    Humm...where is everybody?? :huh:
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    Hey JB thanks for starting the thread and congrats on your loss :drinker: what exactly is the soup diet? I may need to give it a try after Thanksgiving. My weight is 188.4 so I'm down about 2 lbs from last week (if I recall correctly).

    Hope you have a great week and continue the success

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    Oh and I like the new profile pic :happy: I kept trying to figure out was different and then it hit me, that's a different pic!
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    Congrats on both your losses!

    Been super busy today... and will be tonight as well. Hopefully I'll be getting my early christmas present today... and I'm super excited!! My fiance is getting me an eliptical and he's not making me wait til Christmas to use it! What a guy! hehe

    I'm up another pound at 197. Hopefully when I get my new toy I'll be busting through the 190's finally.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Looking foward and dreading thanksgiving at the same time... I love the dark meat! lol
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    Thanks Key, and congrats on your loss as well!!! :bigsmile:
    It's called the Sacred Heart Soup diet, my sister is a personal trainer and she does it once every 3 months or so to get herself back on track to eating well, so she suggested it for me. I've done pretty well with my eating lately but have been having a really rough time getting down in the pounds and hoped that this would be a nice kick start for me and it has been! I'm down about 7-8 pounds in the last 7 days, I'm going to take a day off and do it again. But that's it, there's only so much soup one person can eat :wink: It gets tiresome after a while, just google it and take a peek, it might help u deal with the turkey!
    And thanks Liz, congrats on your xmas present! That's awesome, hope it helps! :bigsmile:
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    Hey everybody! I didn't realize today was Monday until just now... Being on break will do that to you!

    Well, I'm up from last week to 169.2 :grumble: It was my pizza reward day. I ate more than I should have and I gained three pounds! I lost one though to get me back into the 160s so I guess I'm okay with that. But, this week will be me busting my butt to get back to where I was!

    Congrats to everyone who lost, and also to everyone that got a super early Christmas present!!
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    wow. I suppose this will be 2 weeks in a row I forget to weigh-in.

    Well, great job to those of you who lost (and celebrated their past losses! hehe)

    And if I don't happen to come back on here until then, Happy Turkey Day to you!
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    I have to work from 5:30am to 3pm today. Oh the joy...

    I hope you all that a nice holiday. :-)
  • I've been pretty bad about not keeping up with this (the team and the website) I have still been pretty good about what i've been eating. The groomer i work with at the kennel and i have decided on maybe buying Steamfresh veggies and the other products and using them as our lunch. Especially the veggies. For example tomarrow im bringing the rest of lightly sauced steamfresh broccoli and cheese and then the rest of the cauliflower from thanksgiving (about 1/2 a cup) and mixing it together as my lunch. A good way to get veggies in during the day.