I caught Myself!

I did two whole hours of Zumba yesterday (Thanksgiving) and got overconfident because I burned over 1000 calories. I forgot to pre-plan my stuff for Thanksgiving Day and I ate too many snacks and dessert. Ended up going over by 667 calories. Ouch!

But today, while I was mindlessly roaming the kitchen snacking, I stopped. I realized I was about to continue the weight loss and re-gain roller coaster. No thank you!

So, I got on my computer and logged in all my calories so far and planned the rest. Good thing, because I know I would have eaten too many Thanksgiving leftovers and pumpkin pie!

I feel so much more empowered now.

Now, all I need to do is get my family to go on a half hour walk with me so I can have at least one piece of pumpkin pie!


  • LisaZaugg1976
    LisaZaugg1976 Posts: 1,144 Member
    good for you!!!!
  • just looked up zumba on youtube to see what it was. it looks SO fun!!! i wanna do it!:happy:
  • kvcarden
    kvcarden Posts: 175
    That's good you caught yourself before it went too far...that's definitely a major step in winning this battle! I didn't catch myself yesterday or today and I feel so awful and sluggish :grumble: oh well good job & keep up the success!!!
  • kookla33
    kookla33 Posts: 234
    Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

    Zumba is a blast. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a try. It's like a big party full of people just letting go and enjoying themselves. At first, it seems like everyone knows what they're doing but you-but it's easy to get the hang of it. I am hooked!

    Just remember- It's never to let to catch yourself. And if you eat too much one day, just get in a last minute workout. Every little calorie burn helps to bring you closer to your goal.
    Setbacks just make you stronger. Just don't beat yourself up! That doesn't help anything and it's very de-motivating!
    I know from experience.
  • arewethereyet
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    great job!!