Thanksgiving Damage

I weighed 265.7 lbs the day before Thanksgiving. I will weigh Monday to see what damage, if any, the holiday brought.
How's everyone else done during this time of holiday eats??


  • keiko
    keiko Posts: 2,919 Member
    weighed in this morning, same as before I left (went to my moms for two days for the holiday):happy:
  • LisaZaugg1976
    LisaZaugg1976 Posts: 1,144 Member
    my weigh in is tommorrow I am thinking I did ok :)
  • kvcarden
    kvcarden Posts: 175
    I'm sure I did awful....I think I turned Thanksgiving day into Thanksgiving week I just ate a slice of pie for lunch :ohwell: oh well weigh in is Monday I'm not looking forward to seeing the scale!
  • I did pretty good. Stuck with small portions and didn't over eat. I weighed in yesterday and I'm the same as last week so no gain for me.
  • Jenks
    Jenks Posts: 349
    I weighed in the day before and I weighed myself today only 0.1 I'm good.
  • katejones79
    katejones79 Posts: 28 Member
    I dont know about anyone else, but these kinds of weeks seem to take a 3-6 days to catch up to me on the scale! I seem to have maintained (didn't go crazy on thanksgiving), but I am worried about next week. So I am planning on REALLY measuring and watching what I eat this week, and trying to burn and extra 1000 calories this week too.
  • swtally80
    swtally80 Posts: 278 Member
    I asked my husband to put it away for a week (I'm slightly obsessive and weigh everyday anyways) because I know I ate too much and drank too much and I want to give my body some time to even back out before I weigh again :(
  • casshole
    casshole Posts: 68 Member
    There are statistics that say that most women (averaged in a poll) usually only gain 1 pound between Thanksgiving and New Years. Thought that little bit of information will help some of you that feel like giving up after a downfall (like I do). So keep at it, and dont let the festivities of the holiday season bring you down! Good luck everyone!!! Cassie
  • My weigh in is Monday. I really hope I at least stayed the same. I feel guilty for everything I ate. I have been doing soooo good. I guess we will just have to wait & see
  • TKelly06
    TKelly06 Posts: 256 Member
    I weigh myself on Monday, but I did not go over my calories on Thanksgiving thanks to planning what i was going to eat ahead of time and sticking to it.
  • I have been steadily lossing around 2 lbs. a week since Oct 1st (Over 20 lbs. to date :smile: ). However, all the good food and break in my work out routine this holiday have been noticed. I weighed in this morning and the good news is; I didn't gain! Didn't lose any either.
    Oh well, time to go burn some calories! How many calories does putting up Christmas lights burn?
  • bettersusan
    bettersusan Posts: 240 Member
    I'm going to weigh in on Monday and see. It seems what we do, good or bad, takes a few days to catch up with us.

    I know I went over on Thanksgiving and I logged and went over by 200 calories the day after. :ohwell: I didn't do anything crazy though. I tried to fill up on the very healthy food and only got very small portions of the sweet, not as healthy stuff. My sister was here. We had fun trying on each other's clothes. She's doing MFP too and we've both lost quite a bit. It was GREAT to have someone here that REALLY understands and has the same goals. She is 5'10 and I am 5'4, but we now weigh exactly the same. We got some new, skinnier pictures of us taken to compare with a couple months ago. Fun, fun!


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  • laur89
    laur89 Posts: 30 Member
    I weighed in at 187 before thanksgiving. Today I hopped on the scale bloated and not feeling well... and it said 189.. :( I binged so bad the last 2 days. >.< So I have to get back on the horse again today
  • blackiris49
    blackiris49 Posts: 128 Member
    I feel so guilty.:embarassed: I haven't booked my meals for two days, been eating at the in-laws and food restriction duing the hols is a no,no there.
    My husband's sisters make me smile, they refuse to have sugar in their tea but will eat cakes and other sweets, even candy-floss. :huh:

    Dreading the weigh-in this week, hope the damage isn't too bad. :frown:
  • CarmenSantiago
    CarmenSantiago Posts: 680 Member
    I didn't feel like I did that bad but I can gain/lose weight ridicuously. I weighed 183.4 Thanksgiving morning and this morning I weighed in at 188.4. Do the math it's 5 pounds in 2 days. Back on track and ready to rock so the residual weight "gain" will even out.

    Good Luck to everyone getting back on track (or staying on track)! :smokin:
  • donna56
    donna56 Posts: 412
    I really blew it Thanksgiving! The scale said I gained 1 lb. but as someone said earlier, the real damage may show up in a few days :sad: . I worked my butt off (I wish :laugh: ) today though to try and get a grip.
  • 4mricandy
    4mricandy Posts: 159 Member
    Damage was done!
    6 lbs gained!
    Back on track and I will still meet those "mini goals."